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Two granny strips, a dot strip, and a stripey strip. Plus a partial granny strip. I needed a vertical stripe and rather than use the shell stitch in the original Groovyghan pattern I went for a simple straight granny stitch section. So easy to add to the side of the granny strip. I hope it fits the dot section okay. Eight rows done so far, but I think it needs to be at least as wide as the other stripe strip. In the photos, the light green is standing out and looking almost yellow, but it is duller and blends in well in real life.

It looks like it will be finished by the deadline I have set for myself. Deadlines are great for discouraging procrastination, though I’m not having any problem staying motivated for this project.

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The manager at work arranged for the green Starburst cowl that I made recently to be displayed on a styrofoam head at work. She came up to me a couple of days ago and said, “She needs a hat!”

So I was given a skein of Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in the Stained Glass colourway and the Red Heart pattern for this corrugated hat (which has an accompanying cowl, but I’m not making that).

It will go on display for a month and then I get it back to keep or do whatever I want with it. It only took two days worth of spare time to make. The corrugated effect is made with back post double crochets and then some of the ‘ribs’ are pulled together by little chains threaded through and knotted. I only added a few.

The colours in this yarn are gorgeous but I have to say, having used it before, that it’s not my favourite yarn to work with. And even though it’s rated a worsted weight, it’s pretty thin. Oh yes, and don’t plan to sew anything up with it – it’s not strong enough.

Have a happy day!

imageimageThree of the groups I follow on Ravelry are testing groups and I came across a request from a designer yesterday for a simple coffee cup cosy. I volunteered and tonight I made the project. It only took about an hour and a small amount of two colours of Loops & Threads Impeccable. I even found a cute hedgehog button in my stash for it.




The stripey strip has grown. It’s only 30 stitches wide and grows very quickly. I started to attach it to one of the granny strips so that I could be sure of getting the length right. As it turns out, 16 rows seems to fit one granny quite well.

Laid out like this on my living room floor, I’m really liking it.

And what do you think of my impulse buy? Sock monkey slippers! How could I resist :-)


Bombay Love – a free pattern via Ravelry download.

Link here

This little baby cardigan is made from one of my free balls of yarn for display at work. The yarn is Red Heart Designer Sport in Heart Red, I used the free pattern linked above, and a 5mm hook. Unfortunately I didn’t have quite the right button for it but used one from my stash that does at least match the yarn.

Don’t you just love the buttonhole idea! It’s two-stitch I-cord…the first knitting I’ve done in a long time.

The green is Marks and Kattens Carolina from my stash.

I’ve been whizzing along on the stripe strip for my blanket and will get a photo of that soon. Aaaaand, it’s late once again, and methinks it’s time to abandon the yarn and Netflix and hit the sack!

Thanks to Netflix, and also being a passenger in my car on the weekend, the black borders on the grannies and dot blocks have whizzed by and are now done. Twenty one blocks finished in no time at all! At least, it feels like no time.

I put them on the floor in no particular¬†order, just to admire them and consider my next step. I think I will make the horizontal stripe strip next, so I don’t have to face all that sewing yet.

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It’s been a nice at-home day today. It feels like a bit of an oasis of calm in an otherwise busy week, though I am going out later and have to make sure that I take some food for a potluck and also leave some at home for the boys. I changed the bamboo sheets over to flannel ones, as the nights are getting chilly and I’m not willing to close the window and turn on the heat yet. I’ve cooked a pot of black beans to make refried beans, and made a huge pile of tortillas. Next, guacamole. Shame I don’t have any fresh tomatoes to make salsa. Didn’t plan that too well.

I took the bull by the proverbials today and synced and updated my iPad Mini. Really hoping that I don’t regret it. I know there have been a few issues with iOS9, so maybe waiting for 9.0.1 was a good move. Ds2 tried updating his iPod which was running iOS6! Hmmm, let’s just say he was iPod-less for a few days while trying to figure out how to fix the situation that arose. In the end, with the help of his younger brother, he worked out how to find the problem and restore it from an archived backup running iOS 8.4. He is now back to living in headphones and doing everything one-handed, as his iPod is like an extension of his body! Sigh!!

Time to get back to the kitchen, which is warm and sunny – the family room where I’m sitting right now is in the basement and it’s cold down here. Happy crafting and talk to you again soon.

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Here’s the progress on the groovyghan-inspired blanket.

7 dots made, one bordered in black and block complete

14 grannies made, 6 fully bordered in black, one with black border in progress, 7 yet to complete

Once these are done, I can start on a stripey strip.

Very tired, long day, so you’re being spared lots of chat! Good night.


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