The boring crochet hook pic has gone, replaced by a portion of a beautiful photo I saw on Facebook the other day. Much prettier, and it even goes quite well with the green background. Also I have checked all the blog links in the sidebar and deleted a few which have not been active for some time. If you have a blog which you’d like me to add to my sidebar (thereby possibly directing more traffic to your site) please leave a comment. Ideally I’d like it to be something relevant to my theme, such as crochet, knitting, veganism, that sort of thing. And active! Regular posts really keep me interested in following a blog.

Actually, my next job should be to look at my WordPress blog feed and add those to the list. I have been remiss at keeping it up to date.

I am helping to teach kids knitting and crochet at the local library this afternoon, so I’d better get on and eat lunch so that I can get there early to photocopy some handouts. Hope your day is fantabulous!

I saw a great theme over at The Pea Green Boat┬árecently. She has a WordPress blog too, and it looks really clean and pretty, and I was inspired to muck about with my blog. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to get the photo for the header on the new theme to the right size yet. I tried uploading a couple of pictures and cropping them but they look all weird and stretched out, so I have stuck with my old theme for now.

I did change the header photo – rather funny that I should use a picture of crochet hooks (being Nicola Knits ‘n all) but I wanted something light and relatively unfussy so that the text would show up properly.

I have added some buttons so that people can share my posts – there is a ‘share’ button at the bottom of each post which also includes a Print option, which will hopefully help those of you who want to print my patterns.

Next, I really need to get an up to date photo of myself and change that (maybe a haircut would be a good plan first).

And now I think I’d better check that all those blog links still work, because I haven’t reviewed them in eons.

Hope you had a great weekend. We had beautiful weather again, Tai Chi Man and I enjoyed two long walks, and I nearly forgot but I went to a garage sale that was almost just a yarn sale because two ladies were selling their deceased mother’s stash, and it was huge. Apparently the garage was full to the ceiling two weeks ago – I only saw it today and there was still tons of yarn left. I spent $40 on a tub of yarn, approximately 40 balls. I did a bit of switching between the bins so that I only brought home plain coloured worsted weight acrylic. I know I can use that.

This woman really had achieved SABLE – Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy!


I took this photo earlier today after working more on the stripes. But I wasn’t happy with that flower block, the one with the minty green background and the cranberry coloured flower. So I made another one with the colours reversed and a different centre. I feel it fits much better with the overall look.


I know, bit of a crappy photo, but as you can see there isn’t a misfit square glaring out now!

Great progress today. Two squares finished, and that’s even with me getting my housework done and going out to the pottery studio to glaze some of my pieces. (I took my iPad but completely forgot to take photos.) I still have some items unfired so will have to return to glaze those later.

These flowers aren’t really shown in their true colours. One block is teal, pink and royal blue, the other is orange, cranberry and a minty green.



I’m going to lay everything out on the floor and see how it looks to get an idea of the size.

Edited to add: here are the 21 blocks laid out quickly, in no particular order, with the partial stripe strip. It’s interesting to get an overview.


And finally, a winner has been drawn for the 100-follower giveaway. A long-time follower of my blog, Crafty Gardener, has won and expressed an interest in the green headwrap.

I have contacted her via her blog to let her know.

I had a crafty day today. I went to the pottery studio to use up the last of my and ds2’s clay (made a few small things including a couple of spoon rests and a pot for Tai Chi Man to use in the bathroom for his toothbrush) this morning. And the afternoon was the weekly library drop-in at which I finished another flower square for the Groovy-scrap-ghan and added 8 more stripes to the stripe strip.

I’m looking forward to glazing night tomorrow, and when it’s all been fired I can bring it home, get it photographed and blog about it! I think I shall have to get Tai Chi Man to use his decent camera for the photography, as the iPad has only limited abilities.


It’s nighttime and the colours are a little off, but this is flower block #4 for my Groovy-scrap-ghan. The centre is lurid pink (it’s actually called Lurid), flower is purple, outer colour is the Aruba blue which I used for the knitted sweater.

I really must hit the sack, but I will say that I had an interesting evening. I went to a sound healing session at a local winery. It involved focusing on our chakras, breathing and toning, then lying down and listening to sounds made by didgeridoo, rattle, drum, Himalayan singing bowls and voice.

It was pretty chilly by the end, though, and I had the heat blasting in the car on the way home.

Earlier today, Tai Chi Man was out in the backyard digging up turf and planting fall bulbs to make things pretty in the spring. While he was doing that, I was making carrot and coconut soup, cake, chocolate filling, raspberry frosting, and cashew nut roast. These days I often Google recipes for new ideas and this time I searched a cashew nut recipe. I had the idea to make a loaf-type thing, but ended up finding a recipe for cashews and vegetables surrounded in puff pastry, so I made a sort of rough puff pastry (which I learned to make many moons ago at school) and assembled it ready for tomorrow’s dinner.

It’s nice to have a large part of the preparation done the day before.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a pleasantly non-rainy afternoon tomorrow so we can keep to our plan to walk with friends.

Are you doing anything special for Thanksgiving? That’s assuming you’re in Canada, of course, as the U.S. one isn’t until November, and the Brits don’t do Thanksgiving at all!

Tai Chi Man gets the Monday off work of course, and I usually do a bigger fussier dinner than usual. The plan is carrot soup (we have carrots in the garden), cashew nut roast with gravy, yam and potato wedges, roasted Brussels sprouts and salad, and a raspberry-topped chocolate-filled cake for dessert.

I haven’t forgotten about the blog giveaway draw, I just haven’t got around to it yet, so if you haven’t left a comment on my post of a few days back, the one with a photo of the booty, then go do it quick!

Last night I started the stripe strip on the Groovy-scrap-ghan and used all colours, the brown twice!


Tonight I made a flower block with green, red and blue, while watching a movie. I was at the point where I was crocheting the first blue round and realized I was doing double crochet instead of treble. My brain is mostly used to U.S. terms now, but for some reason I ignored the fact that the pattern said “tr” and did doubles instead. Before continuing on, I had a realization that I was doing it wrong, and corrected it, but when I compared the new block to the first two I can see that the second one I made (the yellow, turquoise and pink) has doubles in the first round after the flower.

I did consider redoing the pink, but I really don’t think it’s going to matter if I leave it. The size of the square is fine and if anything I think it looks better than the other two!

Well, it’s time for bed so I’ll say goodnight and have a great weekend.


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