The wordpress “happiness engineer” who replied to my pleas for help in getting photos to load into my posts was quick in getting back to me and assures me that the problem will be solved with the next update. I assume that means I’m not the only one with that issue.

In the meantime, I can use Safari.

This creation is the first five rounds of Zooty Owl’s Starflower Mandala. I love the look of all the mandala pictures floating around the interwebz and assumed I would love to make my own. Hmmm, this one is 18 rounds and I’m a little unexcited about working on it already. It’s not the pattern, it’s me. It does look pretty; maybe I’ve just hit the limit of my attention span for the day.

And so it’s goodnight from me.

The wordpress app is being a pain in the posterior. I think it might be down to the most recent update, but when I go to upload a photo, the app crashes and throws me back to the home screen. At least I have the option of using my dashboard in Safari instead.


This hat was made in a day. We had a lazy day at home for the most part. I did a little tidying up, some yoga, three loads of laundry, and cooking, but there was lots of time for crochet.


We also went for a swim at 7pm and soon we are going out again to catch the Canada Day fireworks.


The colours used in this hat were deep pink, teal, mauve, purple, lime, turquoise, bright pink, yellow, green, blue, mint – though the contrast at the crown is stronger than the rest of the hat and I find it doesn’t fit that well. One round is made up of two colours as I was down to very little of the green and yellow.

Ends still need to be woven in, then there are more scraps to use in a third hat. This one started out with 8 hdc instead of 12 and the crown stayed nice and flat. I increased until the crown was 6.5″ and the circumference was just right (74 sts). Depth is about 8″.

Have a great day!


I enjoyed crocheting this scrappy hat. I’m just a sucker for colour these days. I picked out the smallest balls of Willow Wash worsted and a 5mm hook and took them to work with me last Thursday to give me something creative to do on my breaks. I have one 30 minute lunch break and one 15 minute tea/coffee break during an eight hour day and crocheting is preferable to playing a game on my iPad.


Once I started it, just making it all in hdc with the usual construction, I decided it would be a boy’s hat and that I’d save the pinks and purples for the next hat. However, I increased so much in the crown (I had to guess the diameter and didn’t check my gauge) that it ended up being too big even for me. So after some straight rows I had to decrease in for the brim.


The colours, if you can’t see them well in the artificial light, are orange, blue, lime green, navy, gold, turquoise, teal, emerald, grey, dark green, mint – those aren’t the official colour names, I don’t have the labels any more!


A little confession: I haven’t woven in the ends yet. And yet my Ravelry project page says it’s finished. Hmmm, better get on that.

Today was lovely. I helped a friend with her computer issues this morning, and this afternoon Tai Chi Man and I drove to the ornamental gardens south of here and sat on a bench in the shade of the trees and gazed out at the lake. This was followed by a divine swim at one of my favourite beaches, though I don’t go there very often because it’s a 40 minute drive from my house.

Canada Day tomorrow, and another confession: I have absolutely no plans. I will see how the day unfolds. It will probably involve staying away from crowds and swimming in the lake again.


Sally the styrofoam head is modelling the crown of a new hat. It’s just a kid’s hat which is using up some scraps of Willow Wash and it gave me something to play with during work breaks yesterday. 

The sunglasses are those cheapie ones that the optometrist hands out for you to wear when you’ve had your pupils dilated. My dear husband thought it would be funny to put them on Sally.

The crown of this hat, which I’m working in half double crochet with a 5mm hook, is somewhat wavy. The usual increase ratio doesn’t seem to be working out, possibly because it would be better with double crochet. I am persevering!

The large fan in the top right of the first photo is the only thing that’s standing between me and melting right now. We don’t have AC so when it’s nearly 40° Celsius outside and over 30 in the house you need to keep the air moving. The last two nights we’ve had the ceiling fan going in our bedroom but you wake up feeling like a raisin!

I really am noticing the improved hearing in my left ear now. The ceiling fan is quite noisy. If I put my right ear to the pillow, I get the full volume.  Left ear to the pillow and I’m at half volume. So it’s preferable to sleep on my left side for less racket. The surgery was a success.

I hope it’s more comfortable where you are ;-)

   Glad this is done. I learned a new pattern but I also learned that this much single crochet in one project is TOO much!

This was made with random leftover acrylics from my stash and a 5.5mm hook. It’s a little stiff to wear, so will need to be softened up with a wash and dry. 

Now I am back to one WIP, the blanket, which must mean that I can start a new project for those times when I need something portable. 

My visit to the retinal surgeon was shorter than I expected and I left with the comment that if I’m not having problems with my vision then he won’t be recommending surgery. I have an appointment to check back in six months to see whether the fibrous tissue in the back of my right eye has spread. I’m sure he’s a very intelligent and capable young man, but his personal skills leave a lot to be desired.  But then I thought the same about my ear doctor and I warmed to him post-op. He was much nicer in the hospital than in his office. We shall see…

That’s it for now, as the blanket is calling my name (and whining about being neglected). 


The Apache Tears scarf is almost done. I did three repeats of the colours and now I just have to do three rows of the black, of which I have 1.5 to go. You know how much I like finishing things, and I feel like I haven’t finished anything for ages. 

The blanket has 61 squares now, so I’m over a third of the way through. It’s taken me a month to get that far, averaging two squares a day. 

I’m still enjoying Foyle’s War on Netflix. I was sure that it would end with VE Day in May 1945,  but no, a new season started right on the heels of the old one. I just love Foyle, with his understated but firm style, and I’m pretty attached to Milner and Sam too. Don’t you think that Honeysuckle Weeks (Sam in the show) is just the most amazing name ever?! 

Work took over much of the last week, with four shifts in the last seven days. We had a big sale at the store over the weekend and Sunday was busy enough to keep me running around the store for the afternoon. If I wasn’t cutting fabric, I was putting it away for others, or taking the cardboard out to the recycling dumpster, or helping customers find what they were looking for. 

Today was a productive housework day (including delegating two chores to each teenager)! 

Tomorrow I have a delightful dental checkup and cleaning, which is actually not stressing me out as much as usual because I’m more concerned about seeing (no pun intended) the retinal surgeon the day after.  I’m not sure whether there will just be further tests to confirm what the optometrist found recently, or if there will be some sort of laser surgery inside my right eye. Gulp!

Time to sign off for tonight. Happy crocheting!

I have no excuse, other than that I didn’t feel that I was doing anything interesting enough to blog about! 

Our house guests came and went. They ate my cooking without complaint: with compliments, in fact. It was certainly different having my father-in-law here without my mother-in-law. She died last December and he is still in that early phase of grief, trying to get used to doing things without her. My aunt and uncle in law also visited for about ten days and I enjoyed having them here more than I expected.  We took them out and about as much as we could, bearing in mind our work and social commitments. 

Now the sofa beds are folded back up again, the bedding and towels washed, and family life is back to normal. Youngest son just turned 17. It was a low key birthday but I made sure to bake goodies for the occasion. Cinnamon rolls in the morning and carrot cake in the evening…

   THAT was a sugar rush and a half!

Actually there is still some cake left. We have been sensible about pacing ourselves.

Lots of work this week, with extra hours to look forward to in July. The fabric store is getting ready for inventory – one day for fabrics, one day for notions. One of my work days starts at 7am!

So as I alluded to at the beginning, not much excitement to report in the crochet department. The Apache Tears scarf is moving along…

(Note: Hello Kitty pyjamas)

One more row of yellow and green, and maybe three of black, and I’m calling this done. It was an experiment but this isn’t my favourite yarn to work with (especially the black)! As you can see, the back is quite plain in comparison. 

 Fifty six squares done out of a probable 180 on the blanket. It struck me how I always have something to do with my hands when we had our visitors here. They had no craft to work on, no books to read, not even a pen and notepad. How could they survive a ten hour flight each way, waiting at various airports, and downtime during their holiday without something creative to do? Ah Muggles! Every evening that I was at home, I’d pick up my crochet hook, and add another square or three. I’d have taught them how if they’d asked! 

The weather has been hot and sunny and dry and we’ve already had smoke drift into the valley from a large forest fire to the west, between here and Vancouver. I’ve swum in the lake on two separate occasions, the first being numbingly cold and the second being refreshing and pleasant. The lake is warming up fast.

And now it’s time to pull the laundry out of the machine. I think you’re all updated so I’ll say good night for now (and hope that this post publishes successfully as the photos are taking absolutely ages to upload).


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