The Groovyghan now has one brown sc border round, one green sc border round, and I have started on the ripple edging along one long side (the purple and teal). It’s just the right time of year to be working on a blanket, sitting on the couch in my pjs. The only thing missing is a cup of tea, but it is a bit late for that.

I tried to get a decent shot of my hair today – this one is probably the best, taken in the bathroom mirror. Manic Panic hair colour again, bright pink and purple (can’t remember the exact shades as I didn’t buy them myself). Went over to a friend’s house today, she did the colouring and trimming, and another friend bought the dye. We all ended up with varying quantities of pink and purple hair!


I feel like I should probably exploit the witchy hair for Halloween but I don’t know whether I still have a cape I can use. I sewed one a few years ago and will have to go looking in closets to see if I still have it.


Not something I do very often, but I love this post by Crocheting Long Islander. Colourful hexagons. Thinking that I might set a goal for one (smallish) granny square or hexagon every day in 2015.

Originally posted on Crocheting Long Islander:

I’ve been really good this past week and crocheted a hexagon for every single day! I am ready to be finished with this project and to see the final result. Although it’s not going to be 365 hexagons like it was originally planned to be, its still going to look beautiful. I would say it’s a little over half way now, I really want to be done by December so that I could work on Christmas presents. Because as crocheters we all know our whole families are expecting handmade things :p


This is my favorite section. The colors are amazing here ^^



Tried taking the picture with flash and it came out weird. Now I just have to join them all together.


That’s what the join looks like.

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I just brought this home. It’s the first piece I dipped in glaze and I overdid it somewhat. I have discovered from this glazing process that fine texture and small details can be lost when the glaze (which is really very dilute clay) is added. The leaf stamps I used on this plate can be seen on the wide end, but not on the narrow end.

I have many more items to show you, but that will be in a few days’ time, as I just dipped them in Floating Blue this morning. Bonnie at the studio assured me they would be fired this week. Obviously it depends on the kiln space and quantity of other people’s stuff that needs firing.

Teaching knitting/crochet again at the library this afternoon, this time with more helpers. Should be fun!

This is exciting. The drop-in group at the library afforded me a good chunk of crocheting time this afternoon and I finally reached the width I needed on the shell strip. Tonight I sewed the last seam and it’s time to add the borders. I am under no illusions. I know that this is a huge chunk of work and I’m not as close to finishing as you might think.

Still, with the heating still not on in my house, sitting under this afghan while crocheting the border is perfect for keeping me warm and cosy.

Now, back to old Ally McBeal episodes while I start single crocheting around the whole blanket.

We had a choice of three glazes – one looked terracotta in the bowl, but turns out blue with brown highlights on the edges/texture; one was pale green and looks pretty much the same when fired; and the third was a reddish brown but not as deep as the blue, and produced a rich brown.

So here are some random pots and bowls, plus two soap dishes. And an owl plaque.









I stopped by the pottery studio a couple of days ago and picked up the glazed pieces that ds2 and I had made. There are two items missing so I’m hoping they didn’t get broken in the second firing. And I still have a lot more to glaze.

But I’m pretty happy with how my yarn bowl turned out. It was the very first thing I made in the class…





The glazing process makes a dull chunk of clay into something beautiful, however wonky! Here are three more of my pieces…




Very exciting!


I am hoping that my dear iPad Mini is now back to full working order. I upgraded to iOS 8.1 tonight, and iPhoto is making me happy again – Camera Roll is back!

I haven’t tested Safari yet or the copy/paste function.

So, it’s been a few days since I showed you the ‘ghan. I think I could have made the stripe section a little longer as the flower strip had to be eased to fit, and now that the shell strip is mostly done it’s looking like I should really detach the grannies and add a couple of rows. However I just wove in a bunch of ends on that piece tonight! So I think it will have to stay as it is.

Only 3.5 more inches to go of the shell pattern, which is very pretty, but the rows seem endless. Thankfully I had the drop-in knit/crochet group on Monday, so was able to chat at the same time, and tonight I have been watching a movie.

The Tuesday afternoon session of converting children from muggles to knitters and crocheters (mua ha ha ha ha) went well, but that was the only time I touched yarn that day. Somehow a day of not working on the afghan just didn’t seem quite right!

I am loving this colourful crochet but I haven’t a clue what I’m going to make next. For now though, I am remaining monogamous.


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