Hello peeps, what an amazing couple of days of gastronomic delight I have had. 

Last night I cooked a huge Asian style meal for seven (five of whom are my direct family, and the other two are sort of my kids’ local adopted grandparents). A range of dishes, including tofu coconut curry, lo mein, steamed buns, summer rolls, soup and rice were served on our new brightly coloured (dollar store) dishes. As soon as I walked into the dollar store, I knew all that colourful stuff had to come home with me. 

Dessert was a last minute blast in the Vitamix, a sorbet made with coconut milk, frozen berries and maple syrup. Plus some homemade chocolate almond bark.


Today we carpooled with some friends an hour south to join a vegan cooking class at someone’s home. There were probably about 25 people there, all armed with kitchen knives and aprons, and we chopped, diced, sautéed and stirred up a veritable feast.


Kale salad, sweet and sour taro, tofu Turkey with mushroom gravy, crispy fried mushrooms, quinoa salad, stir fried noodles and vegetables, and a raw lime pie and almond cookies for dessert. 

And people ask me how I can survive on a vegan diet! It’s more like, how can I lose weight on my vegan diet? I think I’ve put on a couple of pounds in the last two days alone! 

As I wasn’t driving today, I took the Unforgettable scarf and knitted in the car both ways. Surprisingly it grew about 7″, but whilst it is a pretty yarn I am definitely going to turn it into a cowl. The bonus of this is the shorter knitting time and the fact that I can now mark my progress on the Ravelry project page as 50% done. 


I thought I was done buying yarn for now,  but I’ve been receiving newsletters from places like Willow, Deramores, Red Heart and Lion Brand. And I had an idea in the back of my mind that if the right deal came up, I would probably add some yarn to my small collection. I still have Christmas money from my mum, which is my personal fund to spend as I wish, no questions asked! 

And whaddya know, Deramores have a sale on all their Aran weight (worsted) yarn. I’ve heard so many good reviews from bloggers and people on Ravelry of the British Stylecraft yarn that I have invested a large chunk of cash into their Stylecraft Special Aran. It’s 100% acrylic and comes in 30 colours and would be perfect for some more afghan making, or whatever. 

What I like about Deramores is that their shipping rate is a flat $7.95, unless you spend over $75 in which case it’s free. Guess which option I chose <ahem> #enormousboxofyarn

Well, I have only enough energy left after all that good eating to move my fingers over the iPad’s keypad and hit “Publish.” Happy Sunday!

The Thorin’s Hooded Cowl was given some attention tonight before it had a hissy fit about being ignored in favour of the crochet projects! It’s about 9″ long now.


Not very exciting, I know…just alternating stockinette and reverse stockinette using Fibonacci numbers. 

As usual, it’s late, and I’ve watched far too many episodes of Psych, and it’s time to go to bed. Today was supposed to be an eight hour day at the store, but things were quiet and they were looking for someone to volunteer to go home early, so I finished at 1 instead. That gave me the opportunity to properly plan tomorrow night’s dinner (having friends over) and shop for a few last minute ingredients. 

<<Yawn>> must go now, talk to you later :-)

That pretty much sums up my day – cleaning and crochet. I was blitzing my kitchen cupboards again in my bid to spring clean the house. It feels really good to have emptied out every cupboard and drawer, tossed stuff that wasn’t worth keeping, wiped down all the shelves, and put things back in a way that makes sense. The vacuuming  was done, the bins emptied, the towels washed. Feels very productive.

After dinner, I rewarded myself with couch time, a blanket over my knees, Netflix on the iPad, and some yarn play. I thought I might get three things achieved tonight – use up the last of the cotton to make a final dishcloth, work on the ripple granny blanket, and knit on the cowl. I managed two of those…


The blanket is now 25″ long. I’m not sure how long to make it, maybe 60″ if the yarn doesn’t run out, and if I am low on yarn at that point I may just add fringe or tassels to the points. If I have lots of yarn left, I’ll do a border. 

The dishcloth is really boring, starting with a dc spiral which I then squared up. 

Big news for the day is that the hospital called about my surgery. My hearing has been going for years, and I’ve been wearing hearing aids for the last few. My specialist and I agree that it’s 99% certain that I have otosclerosis, the same thing that my mother has, and for which she had surgery in her 40s. The doctor won’t know for sure until he goes in with the camera etc, but I have the right symptoms that relate to conductive hearing loss. 

If you feel like seeing exactly what the surgery entails, you can Google “stapedectomy” and watch as part of the tiny bone called the stapes is removed and replaced with a titanium prosthesis and the calcification drilled out. Nice eh! If left, I would go totally deaf over time, so I’ve decided to have one ear done (they only do one at a time anyway). My mum says it was like being reborn.  

It’ll be an overnight stay in hospital and two weeks of not being allowed to leave the house. I will probably have some dizziness at first but hopefully that will clear up fast. I’m making a list of things I can do while restricted to the house, and planning to freeze a few meals ahead of time just in case.

So that’s my news. Hope your day is wonderful. 

There’s probably not much that hasn’t been done in the dishcloth line, but these two that I finished today are different from my usual efforts. 


The red one I call Nautilus for (hopefully) obvious reasons. A few short rows and a spiral make it sort of shell-like. And the purple one is a made-up flower that was incredibly ruffly while I was doing the first couple of rounds but smoothed out with the last few rounds. I didn’t much mind if it didn’t lie flat, as I’m sure it would have eventually been tamed with use. 

As before, this is Bernat Handicrafter with a 5.5mm hook. 

My husband calls this the Afgran! Ha ha ;-)

Seven stripes in, that’s 14 rows in all. I’m not sure about the variegated – I think all solids would have looked better – but I’m not changing it now.

Current measurements: 42″ wide, 16″ deep.


Whipped this up in my sewing room today…

Tai Chi Man loves batiks and we are going to an Asian cooking class next week. We’ve been asked to bring aprons so I made him one. It’s backed with purple flannelette as I happened to have just the right amount of it.

A bit of a play on words…charisma is actually the name of the Loops & Threads yarn. 

This is going to be a very chunky blanket, worked with a 9mm hook and bulky yarn. The first two rows measure 3″ deep, and have taken about half a skein of yarn already. But with 12 skeins of yarn in my project bag, I should be okay for a reasonable length compared to the width, though I may have to get a bit more of the Espresso brown for a border. 

This stitch pattern is in the new book that I bought recently, The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet.


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