Ha, sorry, I do love a pun. The main part of Lanesplitter is now done and seamed. I haven’t actually tried it on yet, but I will do so before adding any ribbing, I bought a length of waistband elastic yesterday in a rather lovely purple – I know no one will see it but it matches the skirt so well.

Photos show both sides, I think the idea is to wear it with the seam at the side and, as you can see, the colour changing yarn makes for a rather obvious join. I did however make sure that the garter ridges matched up.



It was a good day at work yesterday. A couple of scheduling wrinkles were ironed out, I took in some baked goods (made from Betty Goes Vegan by Annie and Dan Shannon) which went down well, and had a soak in a hot bath when I returned home. I must be meeting some unfamiliar germs because I feel like I am fending something off, so have been supplementing with vitamins and putting oregano oil on my feet.

We had wet snow yesterday but it didn’t hang around and today dawned bright and sunny. Hope you have a fun and yarny weekend.

This skirt is so easy. A four row pattern with edge increases and decreases to make a rectangle on the bias. I have gone with quite a lot of negative ease on this, so it will stretch considerably over my widest bits but not be too bulky at the waist. When it’s done, I intend to wear it with black leggings underneath. I really hope it looks okay – okay enough that I’m actually willing to leave the house wearing it!


Once the rectangle is finished, which will be pretty soon, I have to seam it and add some waist ribbing. Getting elastic will be easy as the store I now work at sells it.

This week at work, I have to wear a fetching red T shirt advertising the new membership plan, so I won’t be wearing the skirt with that! But hopefully that’s only for a week or so.

In other news, I have just finished watching all of the episodes that I could find on You Tube of Ally McBeal. I blubbed all over the last one. But some episodes were missing, most importantly the two I was most hoping to see – the ones with Josh Groban in them. Sigh!

While wondering what I was going to watch next, the old British TV series The Survivors came to mind. This is a show that I can still recall, even though it was back in 1975! Every now and then, a scene will pop into my mind. So I was curious, and guess what! I found it on You Tube. I just watched the first episode.

It’s a bit ‘doom and gloom’ as it opens when a virus is spreading rapidly around the world and people are dropping like flies. But I will be interested to see how much of it I remember.

Work again tomorrow, 1 to 9pm this time. I’ll be setting up the slowcooker in the morning. Have a great Friday.

The triangle is growing. The sides are 16″ long now and when I reach 20″ I’ll stop increasing. Well, I’ll decrease on one side and increase on the other so that I get a straight section on the bias.

This photo shows the colours lighter than they really are, but I love the variations in the yarn.


The pattern has you knit a cotton ribbed waistband and add elastic, but I haven’t decided how to handle that yet. I’ll see how it looks when the main part is done.

I just completed two full days at the fabric store. I’m learning a lot about the different facets of the job…cutting fabric and writing out the bills, dealing with customers’ questions, packaging remnants for sale, etc…and my feet are sore! No shift tomorrow and just five hours on Sunday, so that will be more manageable.

Of course the danger of working in a place like that is that you mentally spend your pay on all the pretty fabric that you see! But as I have the incentive of my pay creating a vacation fund for us, I will be reining in my spending!

An unusual name for a pattern, but a beautiful skirt. This skirt is a free pattern on Knitty and though it uses wool I am of course making it with acrylic. James C Brett Marble Chunky to be exact. Shade MC8, which is a combination of blues and purple.

The pattern is written for Noro, and uses two balls of the same colourway alternated every two rows. I’m just using the Marble as it comes off the skein.

I’ve never knitted a skirt before but have been wanting to do so for some time. Hopefully it’ll be done quickly so I can wear it to work. Yup, work. I now have a paid part-time job at a fabric store that also sells a small amount of yarn. Cool, huh!



And so to bed…

Sadly, I am still missing one of my creations. I just couldn’t find it anywhere at the studio so will have to talk to the owner and see if she knows where it is. The majority of my pots are now home, however.


These two little bowls were the absolute end of my clay and I was just doing my best to finish it up.


One of these is a spoon rest and the other is a two-part soap dish. I think this one will work better than my oval ones, which are too flat to stop the soap from sliding off. Learned a good lesson there!


These two are pinch pots with lids. The edges look a little messy as I had to apply wax to the surfaces that touch. They are fired with the lids on to retain the shape. The one with the solid knob on top is what I call my dragon’s egg.


Two shots of the mug. This is the one that had the pasta letters pressed into the side. Most of the letters are just visible though the glaze rather filled them in. The L of “Nicola” is most obvious as there seems to be no glaze in it at all!

And finally, the kitchen caddy. It has a teeny holder at one end for my Lee Valley cleaning brushes (they are like mascara brushes for cleaning straws etc). The flat area will hold a wire soap pad and a nail brush, and the tall section will hold a brush or sponge. I haven’t tested it yet. The construction of the tall part was inspired by a library book photo. It’s just a rectangle curved into an S shape and joined.

I am enjoying using what I made. Every day when I use my toothpaste I admire my little pot, and yesterday I had three balls of yarn in the yarn bowl with the strands feeding through the spiral.


These really are quick hats. One made around lunchtime today, and another tonight. And I still had time to walk in the sun and cold air (thankful for my Yarny accessories) and make a big dinner for the family.

These are more skeins from my garage sale haul…

Two purples and a teal. It’s old stuff – one label says Zellers Sayelle and another says Red Heart Comfort. The third didn’t have a label. But they all feel the same and come in 50g skeins with no yardage mentioned.

This hat is bigger than the red one – I made the crown about 6″ this time and the circumference is 20.5″.


This is a very quick hat idea that developed on the hook. I used three strands of worsted weight acrylic (the label says Woolcrest 4 ply and it is a light worsted, in my opinon). (Photos at end – remember you can print this using the ‘share’ button at the bottom of the post, and presumably will have the option of only printing certain pages if you don’t want to use lots of ink on photos.)

Hook size 6.5mm/K
Button approx 3/4 to 7/8 of an inch diameter

Gauge really doesn’t matter as long as you are happy with your fabric. Not too dense, not too loose (FYI my gauge was 9dcs to 4″).

I made simple notes as I went, so you will need to use your common sense as you make the crown. You need to increase as necessary to keep the crown flat.

This is endlessly adjustable for size, as the diameter of the crown determines the circumference of the hat. The depth is up to you, depending on how many rounds you work before finishing off.

Start by making a Magic Ring (or make a few chain and join with a slipstitch into a circle).

Ch3, Dc into ring until a flat circle is formed (about 9dc).

Continue in a spiral by working about 3 dc into the side of the initial ch3, inc as necessary (I worked 2dc into every stitch until it looked like it was time to increase into every alternate stitch) until crown measures approx 5.5″ in diameter. (This gave me a finished circumference of about 19.5″ which fitted Sally the styrofoam head perfectly, so it will fit a girl/small woman. It’s a bit small for me. If you want a bigger result, add another round of dc.)

A way to estimate the final circumference is to multiply the diameter of the flat crown by Pi (3.14). This is only a rough estimate as it usually comes out a bit bigger than your calculation.

Work without increasing until depth, with hat laid flat, from magic ring to edge, is about 7″. Measure your circumference and try on for size.

Don’t fasten off.

Buttonhole extension:
When you work in a spiral, you get a stepped effect where your last stitch is, so you have the option of working a hdc, then a sc, then a ss, and finishing off here.
However I added an extension for a button, so that the hat could be tightened further by pushing a button between any of the stitches.

Ch12, turn, dc into 4th ch from hook, dc into each ch (9dc + turning ch)
Ch 1, fasten off, leave enough yarn to sew last dc worked to last one on hat.
Whip stitch dcs tog across the gap.
Weave in ends, making sure to knot at the crown if using magic ring.

Sew button to hat to match up with end of buttonhole strip (using one strand of yarn).
Button in between any two dcs.





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