Saturday was arm knitting day, today is crochet day. We spent our last few hours at the cabin enjoying a relaxing Sunday morning, which for me included some crochet on the Abstract Cat afghan.

I continued with it on the drive home, and also wove in some ends down one side, so as not to leave them all to the end.

The afghan is currently about 40.5″ square, and I have one ball of each of the colours left (out of four of each).

I think I will continue until I can go no further, ending with a turquoise strip to match the beginning, and then, rather than order more black and grey, I’ll border it with more turquoise.

Either that, or I’ll go to Michaels with a coupon and get a mega ball of their black Impeccable and border it with that.

I have six more weeks until the deadline for this project. Would it be naughty of me to cast on for Thorin’s Hooded Cowl before then?!


It’s such a wonderful time, recharging one’s batteries away from the usual work and home commitments. Everything is simplified, especially the meals. The snowshoeing at Larch Hills Nordic ski area was lovely and peaceful. The snow was pretty crispy and compacted but it was still nice to have a couple of hours tromping through the woods.

We also drove up to Salmon Arm, which is the nearest sizeable town, for a cup of tea. My favourite corner of town is the one where Hudson and McLeod intersect. You have Intwined Fibre Arts yarn store on one side, across the road is Culinary Inspirations who make a decent inexpensive cup of tea or coffee as well as selling kitchen stuff and gourmet foods, and across from that is the Saga public art gallery.







Can’t beat waking up to that view in the mornings.

And the specs on the latest arm knit – Loops & Threads Chunky (REALLY chunky, actually super-bulky, 27 yards to 5.2oz) in the colourway Stonewashed. I bought two skeins and used part of the second because it wasn’t quite long enough to double around the neck with only one.

This is a gift for a friend. It’s fun to play with yarn in different colours than I usually use. The colours in this are natural neutrals and work well together.

…and I’m snuggled in at a cosy cabin with Tai Chi Man. It’s so much warmer than our house – I can sit here in my thin pjs rather than layering with the fleece ones plus a sweater that I usually wear at home!

We heard from the boys (who are at home) tonight. They were cooking their dinner and needed to know the temperature and time for oven fries, and there was a slight issue with the oven door (one of them slid the latch across that is only to be used when running the self-clean cycle and of course it couldn’t be opened until the oven cooled down a bit). All was well in the end (no burnt food).

We watched a movie (The Adjustment Bureau) and I’ve started reading a book called Dark Tide by Elizabeth Haynes.

We’ve been to this cabin a few times now, usually in December. There is some snow around, but not as much as we’d hoped. We brought our snowshoes with us but I’m not sure whether the trails will be sufficiently covered.

Oh yes, my brain just remembered the main reason for this post. The sweater! The sweater swamps Tai Chi Man – it is way too big :-( When we get back I will try it on and if there is little likelihood of me wearing it I will offer it to ds1 who is a little taller and quite a bit wider than his dad!

Have a great weekend.


It may be hard to see, thanks to the dark colour, but the sweater is finished. I can now reveal that this sweater was made for my dear husband, though the sleeves and body may prove to be a bit long. In my concern that I would make them too short, I may have over-compensated, a fact which can never be discovered until the yoke is finished.

I’ve left it on the sofa (he’s already in bed) with a note, reminding him that this is the second time ever I’ve knitted him a sweater and that he never wore the first one (hmmm, maybe 25 years ago)! If he hates it, I will adopt it as a snuggly accompaniment to my new jeans.

I’m surprised that at 11.30 at night I’m still awake. With it being Chinese New Year, I was up late last night with friends seeing in the New Year with the appropriate rituals, which included a lot of bowing (I crawled into bed at 1.45am) and repeating similar rituals again early this morning. Four and a half hours of sleep means I have had a couple of spacey moments today, but the push to the finish line on the sweater kept me up this evening.

Gong she fat tsai!

So the crochet afghan will accompany us to the cabin for our anniversary retreat, and after that I have a big sewing project – some zippered and drawstring bags with a sheep print as gifts for the Year of the Sheep.

And finally, the two skeins of yarn I invested in at Michaels today…Loops & Threads Chunky in the Stonewashed colourway. Planning a little arm knitting for a gift.



The Wishbone/December Hurry Up Last Minute Sweater is almost there.

I took the sweater with me to a coffee shop last night, while ds2 was at the movies with a friend. I forgot to take the pattern book with me, but thankfully remembered what I was supposed to do. The yoke was finished with only a small amount of yarn to spare.

Tonight I have been weaving the armpits and adding hems. The cuffs are done and the neck is under way. I like the contrasting apple red with the navy blue.

This wasn’t much of a fast sweater, as I haven’t been giving it my undivided attention, but it could have been! The yoke is really deep and the total length of the sweater is 30 inches plus. I’m hoping it looks okay. I think I could have proceeded with EZ’s original numbers, even with my tighter gauge, and ended up with a better fit. We shall see. So far the only trying-on has been tonight when I bound off the neck and made sure it wasn’t too tight to go over my head.

The next couple of days may be too busy to work on this project, but I will have some road trip knitting time soon, and a little cabin with a private hot tub to enjoy with my husband! And yes, the knitting and crochet will go with me. (My sister once said disbelievingly, “You take your knitting with you?!” Well, yes, dear sister…after all, even on a retreat with one’s significant other, one cannot be in bed ALL the time!)

On that note, I think it’s time to sign off and get some sleep!

Sadly, the Basalt (grey) and Night (black) were not in stock when I placed this order with Willow Yarns. However I’ve added some white and light grey to my stash, plus some other bright colours that were missing from my collection.

The Cooked Quince colourway, which is what I would call raspberry pink, is destined to be Thorin’s Hooded Cowl, a pattern for a shoulder warmer/hood that I found on Ravelry. It’s a free Ravelry download. Shame I can’t justify casting on right now, as I want to finish the Wishbone sweater first.
(First view upon opening the box…)

(Second layer…)



I was disappointed that the free shipping was not an option when I placed this order. It seems, from comments I’ve seen on Facebook and Ravelry, that US customers are still being offered free shipping over $50. But not Canadians. Poop! I still bought this yarn as I had a gift certificate to spend, and I may still want to get some of the Basalt and Night to add to the border of the Cats afghan, but once again I will be researching alternative sources.

The afghan is coming along well, actually, with most of the yarn converted into stitches, and I could use the turquoise that arrived today for the border if I decide not to order any more black and grey.

My muscles are nice and sore today. Our whole family went skiing/snowboarding yesterday at Apex resort near Penticton, BC, for Family Day. Half price lift tickets and rentals…yay!

Hot tub and swimming pool tonight – that should help.

And finally…an edit to add a most important extra. An image of Thorin Oakenshield, the best-looking dwarf ever!



Whipped up this cowl tonight. It’s arm knitted with 11 strands of Marks & Kattens Carolina (DK weight acrylic). After I finished it, I played around with some huge knitting needles and a crochet hook, but it was no fun with 11 strands, so I gave up.


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