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I just spent the last hour setting up my own blog. My first posts are my knitting designs that I originally published on Four Friends and a Blog, a blog that I have been sharing with three friends since the beginning of last year.

When I first suggested to my friends that we start a blog together, we had no idea it would be so much fun. One soon starts to look at everything as an excuse to post – whether it’s knitting progress, a particularly good meal, an outing, a good book…

Two of my friends now have their own personal blogs, and, well, I decided it was time I did too.

Four Friends and a Blog has been quite successful, I feel, with readership rising and being maintained at a reasonable level, if that’s a measure of success. Many positive comments have been made, both online and to us personally. However I can’t help wondering how long it will continue to thrive, considering that a lot of the “good stuff” that the four of us were posting about is now being published on separate blogs.

I could be accused of contributing to the demise of the communal blog by setting up my own, but I wanted a place I could call my very own where I can say what I want without worrying about the sensibilities of my co-authors. I’m not sure how I will divide my time between the two blogs – only time will tell.

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