At last – some knitting


I really must finish these socks in the next few weeks. My cotton/elastic ones made from elann esprit are rapidly wearing out, many of them having been darned already. I want a new pair to take on holiday.

The other day, I felt like a change of pace and piled all the thrifted bulky acrylic into a box and brought it up to the living room. I got out my #35 knitting needles and starting knitting with three strands of the yarn. That’s 25 stitches on the needles on the left! I thought I might make pet blankets and take them to the SPCA.

What a difference from the socks and their skinny needles and yarn.

Cass at Shut Up I’m Counting mentioned elann Pegasus on her blog today. I’m very interested in getting some of this yarn, so I think I’m going to have to put in an order soon. I have a few yarn credits due to me at elann.

Oh, and while you’re on the computer, follow up that link to Cass’s blog as she’s having a 555th blog post contest. Tell her I sent you.

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