The benefits of homeschooling


I love the way homeschooled kids get to mix with people of all ages and be comfortable around them.

Yesterday, my friend’s older son celebrated his 17th birthday. He invited a few friends over for pizza followed by a couple of games at Planet Lazer (this is a place where the kids run around in a darkened room with loud music, blasting away at each other with laser gun-type things). Sort of like indoor paintball!

There were a couple of 17 year olds, a couple of 13 year olds, and my three, who are 16, 12 and 9. The birthday boy couldn’t imagine inviting just one of my boys, so he invited them all. Where else would you find a 9 year old at a 17 year old’s birthday party, if not within a group of homeschoolers?

Many parents who send their kids to school seem to think that spending most of their day with a large crowd of their peers is getting them “socialized”. I prefer our way – my boys have friends aged 6 to 80, and that results in a rich social life and an ease around adults that is good to see.

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