A Mouse in my Computer Room!


Yes, I know I have a mouse on my desk next to my computer, but this was a REAL mouse, running around amongst the wires and Lego on the floor. (I have told my kids to wash their Lego.)

My teen told my husband early yesterday morning that he’d seen a mouse in the family room. I had to go out yesterday, but before I went I left a couple of buckets out with food in them in the hope the mouse would trap itself. It didn’t, though it was probably hiding out, away from L’s loud music.

While I was out, I bought two of these (only $3.99 each) and set them up with a dab of peanut butter in them, as per instructions. I also cleared out the Lego and some other stuff and vacuumed the room, as there were crumbs on the floor, evidence not only of the mouse chomping on something but also left around by said teen and his snacking.

I’m glad to say that while the rest of us were in bed, L heard a click and some scratching and the mouse was caught. He released it outside, unharmed. Hopefully it didn’t have any friends in the house with it….and we’ll be more careful about keeping the back door closed in future.

I had a good stretch of knitting time yesterday while talking with my friend, and this is the progress I made on the new pair of socks. The yarn has some lovely colours in it – hopefully you can appreciate them in the picture.

I was wearing the other ones that I finished recently and I would have liked them to be more snug. So instead of 64 stitches, I cast on 60 for this pair, and I’m going to make the ribbing on the cuff a bit longer too.

I’m so used to the way the cotton/elastic elann esprit hugs the foot that anything else feels odd.

And finally, I heard today about this – TakeBackTheFilter.org. This group is trying to put pressure on Clorox, who own Brita (yeah, really), so that they will sell recyclable filters for their jugs. In Europe, of course, this is already happening. Sign the petition and if you have a bunch of used filters, as I have, send them to this group so they can flood Clorox with a tonne of them and get their message across.

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  1. Those humane traps are very good. We once took a mouse all the way to the airfield, being no houses, and let it go! x

  2. ahhh. We had a mouse in the house and a Pika in the hood of our van. Thank goodness the PIka chose to move on one day .

  3. Those mouse traps are great, I’ve used them myself! By the way, those vegan recipes look great!

    I just wanted to pass on new Environmental Website, you may be interested, that had a booth last weekend at Boston’s Earth Fest, called IzzitGreen.com. It’s a Boston-based site that rates local businesses, stores, services, restaurants, etc based on how good they are but also how GREEN they are. The content is user generated, so users have control of all the reviews and guides. Its a pretty forward thinking site that I thought you may enjoy and pass on to people in the circle.

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