A friend gave me a bagfull of this – it’s Hayfield Ibiza and it’s an acrylic, cotton and linen blend. Quite thin – probably what we’d call sport weight here in North America. The company is English and I’m not familiar with the yarn (I used to knit in Britain years ago but I’m sure many new yarns have been produced since then.)
I had in mind a little shrug. Tried a swatch on the Bond, but it took the character out of it. It’s a thick ‘n thin sort of yarn and it really looks best knitted by hand. The recommended needle size is 4mm or US #6, but I went up a size to a #7 and made this swatch. I cast on 50 stitches and put in a 17 stitch Vandyke Lace panel from one of my Harmony stitch books. It’s not quite wide enough to carry on and make the shrug, plus I want to do a picot edging at the beginning and end, AND I made a little mistake near the beginning so two of the holes are in the wrong place.

So I shall rip this out and cast on probably 60 stitches and just knit a rectangle and then sew short seams to form sleeves.

This will be one of the projects I take on holiday with me…..the second airplane project will be the balls of Just Bamboo, a # 9 needle and my own scribbled design for a very simple tank top. And in the big bag in the hold, I will stash my pointy metal dpns and my sock yarn. That should see me through the long flights and the time in between!

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