Off we go


Blogging may be sporadic for a while as I will be travelling and I don’t know how often I’ll get to a computer.

Our bags are all packed…we were all ready early as thankfully our first flight is a lunchtime one. Everything fitted in OK – we each have a cabin bag, and there’s one big bag to check in for our clothes and the toiletries that aren’t allowed in the cabin (over 100ml).

L’s laptop will undoubtedly be the last thing to go in HIS bag! The two younger ones have been playing on the Playstation 2 for a while so that they don’t ask every five minutes, “When do we leave?”

Hopefully the knitting, books, Lego, games, iPods, laptop batteries etc will last long enough to keep us entertained for the 21 hours it’ll take to get to our destination.

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  1. Have a great trip, Nicola! And I’ll cross my fingers that the flight is quick and easy.

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