Canada Day


Canada Day was a quiet one for us, mostly hanging around the house, getting some cleaning done (I’m ahead of schedule for my “spring cleaning” and all my mason jars are sorted and tidy) and the boys did some writing, math and listening to more Story of the World. This evening, after a walk around the neighbourhood, we read from an excellent library book, The Illustrated Book of Myths, retold by Neil Philip.
This is a beautifully illustrated book and I counted 68 myths in the contents at the front of the book. They are drawn from many old cultures, from Sumerian to Greek to Celtic to Australian Aboriginal. Today we read a few of the Sumerian and Greek myths, as they fitted in with our reading from Story of the World. I don’t often say this, but I think this would be a great book to own.

Nilesh Mistry’s fantastic illustrations make it visually appealing to me and to the children.

Tonight we plan to go and see the fireworks display for Canada Day which will be happening over Okanagan Lake. We haven’t bothered for a few years, but this one is apparently going to be twice as good as they are making up for cancelling it last year. I think it was too hot and dry last year to risk sparks setting off forest fires.

We’ve had very hot weather the last few days, plus thunderstorms and raindrops the size of golfballs, and lightning did start a small forest fire which I believe is under control. I’ll be glad when the temperature dips back into the 20s again – it’ll seem cool after this!

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  1. I hope you enjoyed the fireworks Nicola. I must confess to not twigging yesterday was Canada Day. We have had a very hot few days, but today we are back to the rain, cooler temperatures and doom and gloom. Saying this I hope it is cooling down a little for you. You cannot function properly when it is too hot. x

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