Weird Al Yankovic

(photo from here)

My eyes and ears are freaked out tonight. I spent two and a half hours at a Weird Al concert this evening – VERY funny, VERY loud and VERY bright, with all the flashing lights. The whole family went. The kids introduced me to this talented nutcase a while ago. I’ve seen a little of him on a DVD and heard some of his songs on CD.

In case you haven’t heard of him, he spends his professional life mostly recording parodies of popular songs. Green Day’s American Idiot becomes Canadian Idiot. Like a Virgin becomes Like a Surgeon. Michael Jackson’s Bad becomes Fat. Hilarious.

During costume changes, the huge screens above the stage showed us Al “interviewing” celebrities (what he actually did was take footage of people like Cher, Celine Dion and Eminem and insert his own questions, so it looked as though they were answering him).

It was an hour’s drive each way and each ticket was over $70 a pop, but it was worth it.

We even brought home a streamer that was one of many shot out into the audience and some Al “money” that fell from the ceiling.

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