It’s my birthday


Forty-six years old! And I’m quite happy with that, thank you! No lying about my age.

I had a cup of tea brought to me in bed this morning. Lego Nut presented me with a cute present wrapped up in a jar and some paper – a little beaded knick-knack that he made which I have hung on my kitchen window, and a hand-made card and coupon book (coupons are for miscellaneous chores which I can claim at any time in the next year).

Tai Chi Man detoured to the local bookstore when we went out to do our shopping today, and I bought a 2009 Scrabble calendar, an address book and a deck of Motherpeace Tarot cards. Not that I know how to read Tarot cards, but I can learn!

What with this alkaline diet, there’ll be no birthday cake or meals out for me….at least not for a couple more weeks, when we’ll be reintroducing a small percentage of acid-forming foods.

My birthday present to myself is a fresh start. Time to shed all the stress of the previous year and move on. Sit cross-legged, take a deep breath and repeat after me….. ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………………………

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  1. Nicola! Happy Birthday! Many many many happy returns of the day.

    Good luck with the fresh start.

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