A little designing


I’m grabbing the opportunity for a mid-afternoon post while the two younger boys procrastinate instead of finishing their math. Today they’re learning how to multiply and divide decimals – not too hard once you know where to put the decimal point in the answer. However they are busy goofing around with my exercise ball instead.

Yesterday afternoon I knitted up a gauge swatch with some Sirdar Just Bamboo which I’ve had for months. I only have four 50gram balls so can’t make anything particularly big, but after seeing a cute little garter stitch baby sweater in Weekend Knitting I thought I’d have enough for something similar. Borrowing the measurements from the schematic, I sketched out a design for a sleeveless baby top with a hood.

The back and front are very simple, both the same shape, with a slit opening at the front to allow extra room for the baby’s head to go through. When I’ve knitted them and joined them together, I’ll pick up stitches around the neck and knit a hood. Not sure exactly how yet, but I’ll figure it out as I go.

I’m knitting it in garter stitch from side to side – that’ll make the stitch-picking-up part easy. One stitch for each ridge around the neckline.

I’ve made good progress on the back since I photographed this yesterday, but I’m very close to the end of the first ball and I’m hoping I’ll have enough yarn.

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