Lovely afternoon


Thank you to my friend Anne for taking me to the Lake Tai restaurant for a belated birthday lunch. Not only do they have great vegan food, but they are also across the road from the Art of Yarn. I went in there afterwards and a whole hour just slipped by – don’t know how THAT happened!

I picked up some yarn, carried it around for a while, found something else, put the first choice back, found something else and put the second choice back. The yarn I finally decided on was this…

Araucania Pima Cotton, hand-dyed in Chile.

Very pretty. Not sure exactly what I’m going to knit with it yet, but it will go with me on my retreat next weekend. I do need a bag for my tarot cards, so that might be the first thing I make with the green/brown. It will be interesting to see how the colours appear in the knitting – it always looks quite different on the skein.

I also visited a local bookstore to look for something for Ninja Boy’s birthday. He turns 13 tomorrow. When Computer Geek was the same age, we bought him a journal and asked various friends and relations to offer advice for his “coming of age” journal. I thought of doing that again, so had a look at the journals in the store. There was one possibility, a silver one with Asian characters on it. Then I looked around the books to see if there was an appropriate teen book I could get instead.

I found this…

The Dangerous Book for Boys. I had a good look through it, and whilst I wouldn’t say that the information contained in it was dangerous, it does have a lot of interesting stuff in it which I think will appeal to the birthday boy. We shall find out tomorrow!

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  1. Wow! This is an incredible blog. I’m not even a knitter and find it fascinating. Only problem is I could spend hours just poring over it, reading your experiences, following links.


  2. Thanks Cathryn. Not all my posts are about knitting, there’s a bunch of stuff about my family and the other things in my life! Hope you check back again in future (when you have the time during your travels).

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