Hooded baby top and yet another garter stitch scarf


The back and front of the baby top done, I seamed the shoulders for 6 garter ridges from the armhole edges (about 1.5 inches). Then I picked up stitches around the neck edge. With hindsight, I should have slipped the first stitch of each row as I knitted the back and front pieces, as it would have made for a neater result. As it was, I picked up a stitch for each ridge and then increased 2 stitches at the centre back on alternate rows until I had 63 stitches. I think that’ll make the hood about the right size, though I won’t know for sure until it’s done.

I am now on the straight stretch. I took a look at some other hooded baby sweater patterns on the internet and they seem to recommend a depth of 7 inches, so once I have knitted that length I’ll do a three-needle bind off.

After that, all that will remain is to sew up the side seams and find a baby to fit into it!
The endless green of the bamboo yarn had me itching to knit something else, so I started a red scarf with the skein of Lion Brand Homespun that was left over from my machine-knitted wrap. On the ball band were directions for a garter stitch scarf knitted out of one skein, double strands, on 15mm needles. Well, I don’t seem to have 15mm needles (amazing, I thought I owned every size there was) so I’m using 12mm. I cast on 15 stitches and I’ll just keep going until it’s run out.

It’s good TV knitting – I have a DVD of a British sitcom series from the library, which I can watch while I’m knitting (Yes, Prime Minister).

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  1. Yes, Prime Minister.

    Essential viewing for anyone remotely interested in politics – it was a comedy of its era but horribly prescient when looked at now.

  2. All you have to do is find a baby, eh?

    Quick! There’s one over there!

    One of the things I was glad to see when we moved back to Canada (from the US) was the amazing pool of British TV here. My favourite right now is Midsomer Murders. It’s on our local KNowledge Network. One of the reasons I’d find it difficult to let go of cable. Well, that and the fact that I’d have to stop being such a couch potato…

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