Teaching Taekwon-do


We had some fun today. Ninja Boy and I went to one of the local elementary schools to help our instructor with a class. This was a BIG class – 60 boys and girls in Grade 6. One of the girls comes to our Taekwondo club and her black belt mum was there to help too.

So with four black belts and two teachers, we did our best to keep the mob under control!

I think most of the kids had fun. We did a warmup, some front and side kicks, some partner kicking and self defence. Towards the end, the instructor asked Ninja Boy to demonstrate some more advanced kicks, which he did, and then he set up a board break.

Three children crouched down next to each other and Ninja Boy performed a flying side kick over them and broke the board. I was so pleased that he did it – and the kids watching were impressed. (Unfortunately I didn’t take the camera.)

The other mum and I did a bit of sparring with all our protective equipment on too.

I think our instructor will find a class of ten kids easy after today!

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  1. That sounds like fun! I think I am going to put my son in martial arts as soon as he is big enough. He has so much energy to burn, I can’t possibly keep up with him! How old do you think a child should be when they get started?

  2. In our club, they can start at 6. It really depends on the child though, their maturity and personality. My boys started when they were 6, 9 and 12 – only the middle one stuck at it – he’s 13 now.

  3. That sounds like fun – the Man-Cub tests for his red belt in just a couple of weeks – I think he’s getting pretty nervous – then it’s just Red Sr. and then Black – Whew! and then he’ll be able to help teach the younger kids…

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