Doris’s throw


My friend Doris is going to be 80 next Saturday. ( I hope she doesn’t read my blog as her gift won’t be a surprise.) I spent one evening and one afternoon making this throw. I love this shade of Homespun – I want to make something for myself with it now!

Doris’s throw
Finished size approx 70 x 35 inches

This is a really “bare bones” pattern for those who are familiar with the Bond. I wanted to make it available on the blog, but also write it down for myself in case I want to make another in future.

Bond knitting machine: keyplate #4
Lion Brand Homespun 6 skeins (I used Sierra)
crochet hook 6.5mm
darning needle

Gauge: about 9.5 sts and 15 rows to 4 inches

Cast on (e-wrap) every other needle 50 sts
Knit 150 rows
Bind off using needle and backstitch method

Make two more panels the same way

Lay panels out on the floor, all cast on edges at same side
Flip middle panel over so that the reverse stockinette side is showing
Use a crochet hook and single crochet (double crochet in UK) to join panels together – **work into 3 sts, skip one** across (I used wooden clothes pins to hold the edges together)

Crochet around whole edge in sc (dc) – at the corners, work 3 sc (dc) into corner st

At top and bottom edges of pieces, work 1 crochet st into each knit st
At side edges, work 3 crochet sts for each 4 knit sts

Then crochet around whole edge in double crochet (treble in UK) – at the corners, **2 dc (tr), 1 ch, 2dc (tr)** into corner st

Machine wash (delicates) and dry (low heat) to soften throw and minimise curling

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