Je vais mourir de honte!


I love that phrase! It means “I’m going to die of shame” in French. For a bit of fun, the boys and I have been reading Robert Munsch books from the library. We have been getting them as book/CD kits, so we listen to a page then I do a rough translation (my French is a little rusty), pointing out particular French words to them. In the book “Ma Mere Exagere” the boy is dying of shame on almost every page, thanks to his mother’s behaviour at the mall.

Anyway, tonight I noticed that I, the queen of criticism when it comes to spelling mistakes, typos, grammatical errors, et al, made a mistake in one of the sidebar page elements. Oops! I have corrected it, and while I was at it I updated middle son’s age, as he recently had a birthday.

For those who wish to email me rather than leave a comment on the blog, I have added a clickable link below my profile on the left which will automatically take you into your email program and insert my email address (a new gmail account that I have set up especially for the purpose). I hope this won’t increase my spam! Kudos to my Computer Geek son for knowing the html code to type in to get this set up 🙂

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  1. Well, I’m jealous that you have such a talent on your end who not only knows how to do computer things but will do them for you!

    I’ve wanted one of those type links as well but gave up trying to figure it out.

    Oh my! I am a horrible speller and my grammar is not the best, hope that doesn’t get your goat when your read what I write!

    I hardly ever use LOL in my blog and last night I did and thought of you! That is why I am telling you this!

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