Mmmmm…..banana coffee cake


I made the Banana Coffee Cake from the blog of Fat-free Vegan Kitchen today. I don’t have a photo of mine, but it looked just like the one on Susan’s blog.

I was talked into making it when Lego Nut was looking over my shoulder while I was reading my blogs the other day. He saw a picture of this cake, asked me to click on it, and the recipe sounded so appealing he wanted me to make one.

I don’t make many desserts these days, so I didn’t think it would hurt!

Of course with three hungry boys, each with a “sweet tooth”, I had to double the recipe (though I didn’t double the salt or the vanilla). I use the Himalayan salt and I usually need half as much as most recipes recommend.

I also made it in a 9 by 13-inch lasagna pan and cooked it for 30 minutes instead of 25.

They loved it (knew they would). I had a small piece (ahem, and then another one) and it was really sweet. Even Lego Nut admitted it was almost too sweet. I would make this again, keep the same amount of agave in the batter, but halve the cinnamon sugar (I’d just sprinkle it on top but not in the middle).

What was great about this recipe was that it was VEGAN and so I didn’t have to muck about substituting ingredients.

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