Dr House (and some other less important things)


I found out something amazing yesterday. When I actually pick up my sock and knit on it, it grows quite fast! I am almost as far as the heel flap on the second sock. Obviously I don’t knit socks as fast as Torrance. This crazy lady made four pairs of socks in five days. Wow!

This week’s DVD watching has been season 4 of Corner Gas. This is a great little comedy set in a little town in Saskatchewan, Canada. After all the episodes of House MD and various British murder mysteries, it is a refreshing change – no dead bodies, at least! (I can’t believe I just googled House MD and it came up on Wikipedia!)

Talking about House, here’s a little bit of Hugh for you…Ahem…attention, please. Thank you.

Anyway, what was I saying. Oh yes, this evening was another sweaty session at Taekwon-do. We didn’t go at all last week. Today I was vacillating about going, feeling lazy, not wanting to go out on a cold dark night, but as usual Ninja Boy and I made the effort and really enjoyed it. Ninja Boy finally received his new instructor-type dobok (uniform) which has a black edging to the jacket. The club recently switched from ICTF to ITF affiliation (International Chang Hon Taekwon-do Federation to International Taekwon-do Federation) which means everyone’s doboks have the wrong logo on them and have to be changed. However Ninja Boy’s new one is the new style and it fits him perfectly – I don’t have to shorten the arms or legs.

In theory, I should buy an ITF dobok, but am reluctant to do so at the moment. We still haven’t received our embroidered belts and certificates, even though we passed our test at the end of April. I am reluctant to pay out more money until I have received the outstanding items, and have told the senior instructor so.

The class tonight was a “conditioning” one, which translated means “I’m gonna make you sweat and get you fit whatever it takes”. Lots of jab punches, dizzying combinations of kicks, push-ups, sit-ups, stretches. I feel great – when it’s over! I told the instructor that he should be my personal trainer and make me do that sort of workout every other day, because I certainly don’t make that amount of effort at home!

Maybe if I sent the kids to school and hired a maid, I’d have enough time in my day for everything I’d rather be doing. Just kidding ;o)

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  1. You can’t believe House, an immensely popular tv show, came up on Wikipedia? C’mon, almost every tv show, band, movie, etc etc, no matter how unpopular it was/is has a page.

  2. I used to do a Pilates class and I have to say I really miss it, but I too have that “I hate to go out into the cold dark night” hangup. I add “I hate to have to drive anywhere on a cold dark night” to that.

    Nice picture of Hugh, although I do wish they’d let him keep his accent. He has such a nice one.

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