It’s getting bigger


Now, what DID you think I was talking about?

It’s the Morgan driving cap, of course, and since I took this photo it has grown a little more. I have finished the flat top and the ridge that runs around the edge of the top and am now shaping the body of the hat.

I was looking at the different versions of this hat that people on Ravelry had made, and one lady was from Yorkshire (England). She calls it a Flat ‘at, because it’s, well, a flat hat, and I can just imagine the accent she would use as well. Think of one of the old fogeys in Last of the Summer Wine talking about his flat ‘at and you’ll know what I mean.

It was another beautiful sunny day today and I couldn’t resist a walk around my neighbourhood. Whilst I appreciate the sun and mild temperatures, I am disappointed that it’s not really cold enough to wear lots of knitting! (Though my Sunrise Circle Jacket is getting lots of use.)

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