Yarn Day!


My order from elann arrived in the mail today – ten lovely bright balls of elann esprit for five pairs of socks. I have three sets of 4mm dpns so when I get started on the socks I think I will knit two at a time.

Not only did I have the pleasure of yarn in the mail, but my husband brought home ten skeins of James C Brett Marble. The photos don’t do it justice – it’s made up of shades of brown with a hint of turquoise. I made a scarf with this once and gave it away and then had trouble getting more. So I special-ordered ten skeins from a local yarn store. It took ages to arrive, but I had a call this morning from the shop and then called Tai Chi Man to see if he could pick it up for me. Synchronicity rocks! He was, at the time of my call, sitting in traffic just waiting to turn into the very street where the yarn store is! Really! Within a few minutes of my call, he had picked it up – I’ll have to go in there next time I’m over that way to get my frequent shopper card stamped. In the meantime, I have lots of knitting time planned.

And I will have a little more knitting time than usual in the next two months as Ninja Boy and I decided to take a break from Taekwon-do for November and December. I felt like a break, and Ninja Boy was quite happy to go along with it. I consider it a mild protest on my part – we still haven’t received our embroidered black belts and I am expected to buy another dobok (uniform) since we changed our alliance to ITF. So the break will save us a couple of months fees and we intend to go back in January.

During this time, I also plan to try out a yoga class with a couple of friends, and finally (something I have been promising the kids for a couple of years) get to the indoor climbing gym.

And finally, I keep meaning to mention that I have Nan to thank for the xxtraordinary blogger award in my sidebar.

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