Flat hat is a flop


I regret to say I won’t be wearing my Morgan driving cap anywhere in public this winter! As you can see from this classic “bathroom mirror” shot, it came out a little too wide on top and just looks funny. Also it’s a bit tight on the head which pulls the peak downwards instead of sticking out in front.

One for the thrift store!

I borrowed two relatively new (published 2007) knitting books from the library this week. The first is Knitting New Scarves by Lynne Barr. This book is beautifully presented, with artful photos and clear instructions. The scarves certainly are original. There are at least two which I would like to make. One is made up of four strands of i-cord with a fifth woven in and out along the scarf’s length. A perfect way to make the most of my new knitting mill, I’d say! I marvelled at the intricacy of some of the patterns, which look fiddly enough that I don’t think I’d even attempt them.

The other book is Ethnic Knitting Discovery by Donna Druchunas. This is a workbook on knitting in the style of the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and the Andes. No pretty photos in this one – just hand-drawn illustrations – but it is a useful tool for those wanting to learn new techniques and become more of an independent knitter. Rather than being tied to a specific pattern, Donna gives you sweater “recipes” into which you insert your own figures, depending on your size and stitch gauge. You can choose from three perspectives, depending on your learning style – a visual plan or schematic, a worksheet for those who like doing the math and the planning before you start to knit, or detailed instructions for those who may be a bit nervous about setting out on their own. You’ll learn how to design a sweater and incorporate colour and texture and even steeks.

I love this sort of book. Two of the sweaters that I have knitted in the last year were not from patterns – one was an Elizabeth Zimmermann seamless raglan construction, knitted from the bottom up, and the other was knitted from the top down. I was pleased with both of them and they fitted perfectly.

Happy Knitting!

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