Ravelry Rocks!


I met some great new people today. One of the groups on Ravelry (which is the best knitting and crocheting community on the ‘net) is a local one and they have started having monthly Sit and Stitch meetings. Five of us met at a coffee shop this afternoon and it was great to meet some online friends in the flesh. Not surprisingly, most of the talk was about knitting, yarn, crochet and family (in that order) – it was like finding an English-speaker in a foreign land – you can understand each other!

Another benefit of having some simple knitting with you is that it seems to grow much faster while you talk with friends. My vest knitting is just straight garter stitch at this stage. I have just reached the end of the first skein and am nearly to the armhole shaping for the back.

I (very virtuously) made sure that the grocery shopping was done this morning, so was able to relax this afternoon. Tomorrow….lunch out!

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