While Flickr uploads some knitting photos so that I can include them on the blog and update my Ravelry project pages, I thought I’d open a third window and start on this post!

Another way in which I’m multitasking is that I have started another knitting project today. I have knitted birthday presents for almost all of my family this year, and it’s my mother-in-law’s birthday in December. Allowing for knitting time and mailing time (at least a week if I send it airmail) time is of the essence.

So I cast on for some socks with the ruby Elann Esprit. Mum-in-law has smaller feet than mine, so I’m knitting them in a Woman’s Small from the sock pattern in the Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns. With the Esprit and 4mm (size 6 US) needles, this means I only have to cast on 44 stitches.
I am using a pattern from one of my Harmony stitch pattern books called Little Shell, making a lacy panel down each side of the sock leg (you can see it in the photo above – you’ll probably have to click on the picture to make it larger to see the detail of the stitch pattern). I’m keeping the sock leg short – started with 4 rounds of garter stitch, then changed to stockinette with the shell pattern. In just one day, I have turned the heel and am on my way down the instep. These socks should fly off the needles and be mailed in plenty of time for the birthday girl…, woman.

It’s safe to blog about these socks because my in-laws don’t have a computer (as long as my parents don’t give the game away when they see them)!

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