Keeping warm


Tuesday evening:
(hand-written and typed up next morning)

I’m sitting in my living room with a poncho around my top half, a blanket around my bottom half and another blanket covering my feet (plus a hot water bottle). I’m too cheap…. um, frugal, to put the thermostat up so am enjoying the benefits of lots of knitting. I have a cup of rooibos tea brewing nearby and easy access to at least two knitting projects (one of which will have to remain secret as it’s a gift). Tai Chi Man is out and the kids are keeping themselves busy in another part of the house and all is peaceful.

I found Sally Melville’s website today. There was a thread on a Ravelry forum about favourite knitting books and I listed mine (which include Sally’s three Knitting Experience books – The Knit Stitch, The Purl Stitch, and Color). It reminded me that I was hoping that Sally was going to be publishing another book, so I googled her and found her site. I emailed her and have already received a reply.

She has a new book due out next March called Mother-Daughter Knits: 30 designs to flatter and fit. It’s co-written with her daughter. I’m looking forward to seeing it, though I have to say I’m a little disappointed that there may not be any new volumes in the Knitting Experience series. I think Sally’s original plan was for a fourth book on Texture and a fifth on Design. That would have made a comprehensive set.

Last night, I started picking up stitches along the side seam of the vest. A couple of rows in, I encountered a knot and realised a turquoise section of yarn was missing. Boo hoo, my favourite part. Never mind, I pressed on for a few more rows, but the lower edge was bugging me. I had picked up 70 stitches, one in each garter ridge, but I think I should have picked up an extra one in the cast on row. The edge of the front wasn’t in line with the back – so I ripped it out and I’ll tackle it again later, but for now I’m digressing with a small stealth project. Of course, if you’re in Ravelry you’ll be able to see it, but as the recipient of the gift is not (as far as I know) then I’m safe!

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  1. I’m too cheap too, but we just had a heat pump put in so my theory is that I can heat a little more for the same price. Or am I just in denial?

    I have to say that I admire you for ripping and re-knitting. I like to think that I would lose patience and fling it across the room, but I bet my cheapness will kick in and I’ll retrieve it, sigh heavily, then redo.

    That green top on the cover is lovely. Love that shade of green.

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