Crocheted scarf


You knew I was multi-talented, eh? NicolaKnits and also Crochets!

I took a few days off knitting as my index finger was too sore – those darned aluminum needles. The answer to yarn addiction? Crochet. The hook has a lovely smooth blunt end, so no trauma to the fingers.

This used most of the remaining yarn from the two skeins I started for the hat I finished last Friday. It’s a short scarf that wraps around the neck once and buttons in front. Very simple – one stitch all the way through. I managed to lose a couple of stitches somewhere in the middle so it ended up a tiny bit narrower at one end, but you can’t tell!

The finished size is about 7 inches wide by 30 inches long.

Here’s how I made it. Not having any experience in writing out crochet patterns, I hope it’s clear. If you already know how to crochet, you won’t have a problem. As I used two partial skeins, I am guessing on the 1 skein total – I really need to weigh it to be sure but my digital scale is battery-less right now.

US H/5mm crochet hook
James C Brett Marble DK – 1 skein
large button – 1.5 to 2 inches diameter (38 – 25 mm)
Gauge – 15 double crochet (US) / treble crochet (UK) and 9 rows to 4 inches
To make it easier, I will refer to trebles (tr) throughout, because I learned to crochet in the UK and that’s what I call them – if you call them doubles, then read it as double
Abbreviations –
tr = treble (double in US)
ch = chain
st = stitch (both strands of the loop at the top of the tr in the row below)
rep = repeat

Foundation row – Make slipknot, chain 28, tr in 3rd ch from hook, tr in every ch to end, ch 2 (turning chain), turn (27 tr)

Row 1 and every subsequent row – tr into every st across (missing the very first space at the base of your 2 turning chain), tr in chain space at end, ch 2, turn
Rep row 1 until your scarf measures 28 inches

Buttonhole row – tr 11, ch 5, skip next 5 sts and continue working tr into last 11 sts of row, ch 2, turn
Next row – tr 11, work 5 tr into chain space, tr 11, ch 2, turn

Continue until 5 rows have been worked after buttonhole then fasten off. Weave in ends.

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