It’s snow-shovelling season


The snow fell yesterday and continued to fall today. Of course, that means the driveway has to be cleared so we can get in and out – it has quite a slope to it.

However, it wasn’t just our driveway that needed to be cleared. We’re “housesitting” for some neighbours. The kids are responsible for taking in their mail and newspapers every day, and every few days I will be going in to check that all is well inside the house. If the snow builds up on their drive, then the place looks unoccupied.

The two younger boys and I went over there yesterday and cleared their drive. Then we did ours. Then we did the neighbour’s across the road (she is 7 months pregnant and her husband is out at work all day) and the boys received a bonus in the form of a paper bag full of candy canes! We were just about to go inside for hot chocolate when another neighbour called us over and asked if we could clear her drive too. The boys received $10 from her.

We had a good workout, some fresh air, some neighbourly chatting, and some excellent hot chocolate when we came back inside.

The snow hasn’t stopped, so the shovelling has to be done once or twice a day. Thankfully it has been the light powdery stuff today. The temperature has dropped to minus 10 Celsius this evening and it’s expected to be way colder than that the next few days. This is the view from my back deck. The pile of snow on the railing is our depth marker for snowfall – it was about 6 inches high earlier today – probably more like 8 by now.

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