Marble Wrap Vest is done


Just as I opened the window to start this post, I decided to name my latest finished project the Marble Wrap Vest. Pretty obvious, really – it’s knitted from James C Brett’s Marble DK (acrylic) yarn and it has a wrapover front that fastens with a shawl pin.

I knitted it on US#8 needles, except for the armhole finishing, for which I used #6. If I made this again, I’d use the Denise needles – much gentler on the fingertips!

When I tried it on yesterday after sewing the shoulder seams, I was disappointed to see that the fronts of both armholes were gaping. That’s where I cast on the stitches while knitting the front pieces.

So I settled myself in front of the fire in the evening with my crochet hooks, knitting needles and yarn, and started out by crocheting around one armhole. It looked OK, but not perfect. So then I went over to the other armhole and tried picking up and knitting the stitches with a #6 needle. After purling, knitting then purling the following rows, I cast off, and I was happy with the result. It cinches in the armhole neatly. So the crochet stitches came out and the other armhole received the knitting treatment, I darned in all the ends, and it’s done.

I love finishing things.

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