Canadian winter!


I can’t remember having this much snow for years. It’s piled high along the sides of the driveway. I have been getting an excellent workout shovelling the stuff – not only in our drive, but also neighbours’ drives. The temperature has remained between about minus 9 and minus 18 Celsius, with promises from the weather people that it’s going to get colder.

Thankfully I didn’t have to drive anywhere yesterday. I was very pleased that I had done my Yule shopping the day before. The grader didn’t make it up our road at all, but I hope they have cleared it overnight or tomorrow’s trip to the grocery store and the library will be less than pleasant.

Snow is beautiful to look at and to play in, but no fun to drive on (unless you like sliding sideways or spinning your tires). (There’s a road in that photo above – somewhere.)

The kids had a great time – I finally managed to convince them that they really needed to wear their snowpants, and they sat in it, jumped in it, made “thrones” in the snowbanks, and played with the sleds.

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