New feature and poll results


Not surprisingly, most votes in my poll were for Christmas. Seventy five percent of voters (18 people) said they were celebrating Christmas. Five people voted for the Winter Solstice, two for Yule, two for Nothing and four for Other. There are still a few hours left to vote.

I just added a new widget. I have recently become interested in yoga. I found some magazines at the library which were quite good – Yoga Journal – and they have an interesting website with a library of poses and vegetarian and vegan recipes, among other things.

The widget is for the Pose of the Day! I seem to have added the html code correctly, and even went so far as to edit it slightly to fit the widget into my sidebar better. Hopefully, this gadget automatically updates every day. If you click on the tiny writing “step by step” you will be flung into Yoga Journal’s site and given a detailed description of how to do the pose! Very cool.

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