Tarot card bag pattern


Someone on Ravelry sent me a message complimenting my tarot card bag and wondering about pattern details. I had a dig through one of my pattern folders and found my handwritten notes. Surprised to find I hadn’t already published this, I am doing it now.

This is a small bag which fits my mini Motherpeace tarot card set perfectly. It might not work for standard large rectangular sets. With a gauge of 5.5 sts/1 inch, my bag was about 10 inches in circumference, 5 inches deep and the pentagon base is about 3 inches across.

I used Araucania Pomaire cotton – a worsted (medium) weight cotton yarn and US#6 (4mm) double pointed needles. It’s a large skein – I think this bag took used less than half, so a 50g ball will be enough if you substitute. Gauge is not as important as liking the texture of the fabric.
Also required – five split ring markers, one a different colour from the rest

Cast on 50 sts onto one needle. Distribute evenly between three needles and join into a round (I usually knit the first couple of sts with both strands of yarn, then drop the tail to continue).
Knit 3 rounds.
Next round (YO, K2tog) 24 times, K2 to make an even number of holes for drawstring
Knit 3 more rounds then purl 1 round.
Knit for about 30 rounds, putting in random purl sts for texture.

Decrease for base:
Purl 1 round.

Place markers – you’ll need four markers the same plus one that looks different. The single colour will mark the beginning of the round and first decrease point, the others will mark the other decrease points. Use the markers to divide up the sts, 10 sts in each section. Tip – make sure that the decrease points don’t fall at the end of a needle – it’s easier to keep the markers on. Shuffle around the sts if necessary.

First decrease round – K2tog at beginning and end of each section (40 sts remain)
K two rounds plain
K2tog at beg and end of each section (30 sts rem)
K one round plain
K2 tog at beg and end of each section (20 sts rem)
K two rounds plain
K2tog around (10 sts rem)
K one round plain
K2tog around (5 sts rem)

Cut yarn, leaving a 6 inch tail, thread it onto a darning needle and draw the tail through the remaining sts to gather them up and fasten off.
Weave in tail on inside.
Make a twisted cord, crocheted chain or i-cord (or use a ribbon) as a drawstring and thread it through the eyelets.

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