New acquisitions


We are part of the local Freecycle network.  It works well.  People who are part of the group post emails offering stuff they want to give away and asking for stuff they would like to receive.  We have “freecycled” many items over the years.

Today, we went and collected some wood.  However, it wasn’t all neatly cut and dry, it was still attached to the tree!  The pine tree had become so overloaded with snow that a huge section of it had broken off, so we took our chainsaw and axe and a big tarp and went to get it.  Tai Chi Man does all the chainsawing (he has ALL the fun)!   The boys and I piled up the leafy branches that we didn’t want and loaded the logs into the back of the van.

Have I ever said I love my Aerostar?  Oh yeah, about a million times!  We bought it new in 1994, two days after we emigrated to Canada.  It has 7 seats and we only had one child at the time but we knew we’d have more.  It’s been excellent for taking trips to the dump, or piling it full of camping equipment when we went on holiday, or carrying the in-laws around when they visited.  It’s still in great condition.

I also love Lee Valley.  You Canadians will undoubtedly have heard of them.  They sell all sorts of useful things for woodworking, gardening, cooking, etc.  I saw some kitchen scales that looked good.  I have some digital scales but the battery is always running out on me.  So these shiny new ones are going to be a joy to use!


Another new purchase this week was the companion cable set for the Denise interchangeables.   I was knitting with the large size needles last week and applied a little too much pressure to the cable end while moving stitches along, resulting in a small piece of black plastic snapping off the end of the cable.  For about $23, I bought a supplementary set with extra cables, end buttons and connectors. I found the set for sale on but after checking the price plus shipping I called my local yarn store and it came out $10 cheaper.

I like using this set and, looking back, I think it would have been wiser to save my money and NOT buy the Boye aluminum needle set.  I think one of the reasons I bought the Boyes was for the smaller needle sizes.  They are pointier, which is good in one way, but they are hard on my fingertips, and I don’t like the angled connection between the needle tip and the cable.

So, if you were to ask my opinion, I’d recommend Denise.  Of course, I haven’t tried the other brands out there – yet.

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  1. I love Lee Valley too! We are supposedly getting one here this year. Now I won’t have to listen to my cheap alter ego (“You can’t buy anything that charges for shipping! It’s ridiculous!”). Well, not for that, anyways. I’ll still have to endure it when I’m taking the ferry (“Make a reservation? No way! It’s a ploy to make more money! They know it appeals to everyone’s neurosis about not getting on the ferry and besides, who needs reservation for a Saturday ferry anyways?”).

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