Happy Wednesday


After my flurry of activity at the beginning of the month, I seem to be leaving gaps in my blogging! Hmmm, note to self:  try to blog every day.

One change I have made to this new blog is to remove the “snapshots” windows that pop up when your cursor goes over an image.  These popups annoy me, they annoy my husband and I have found a way to get rid of them (insert evil laugh here). 🙂

I have lots of sore muscles today.  Monday evening saw Ninja Boy and me back at Taekwondo.  It was a good workout class.  It wasn’t only the two of us who’d taken a break – the club had closed for two weeks over Christmas and I’m sure plenty of the students had over-indulged in less-than-healthy food.  Our 4th Dan instructor, who is from Hong Kong, VERY fit and VERY fast, led the class.  He had us doing lots of jab punches (oh, my sore arms) and kicks and stretches.

Tonight (Wednesday) our regular 2nd Dan instructor had us doing mostly pattern practice plus some pad kicking, so it was more of a technique class, though the spinning back kicks up and down the room were good cardio!

When we arrived at the dojang on Monday, we received our black belts.  These are the belts that we tested for at the end of April 2008.  Yes, 8 months ago.  They have a number 1 on them (for first Dan) and our names in yellow embroidery.  They are lovely, except for one thing.  On one side of mine, my last name starts out in one line, then for the last three letters there is a jog and they appear higher than the rest.  I discovered that the woman who embroiders these belts is local (another reason to be pissed off about the long delay) but the fact that she was willing to let this belt leave her hands without being perfect does not impress me.  I believe I will eventually get another one, but who knows how long that’ll take!

Anyway, apart from that, it’s great to be back in class.

As for things on the diet side, since Tai Chi Man and I did the strict pH Miracle Diet for the whole of August, we are still keeping the principles in mind every day.  Tai Chi Man is very disciplined – he’s still taking the green drink, drinking litres of water, eating lots of vegetables and salads and buckwheat.  He eats whatever I make for dinner, which is not always 100% alkalising (it might be rice or chickpeas) but during the day he follows the guidelines.

In addition to the vegetables and salads, etc, I am eating fruit, even though it’s not alkalising.  It’s not something I want to give up.  I am, however, finding it easy to avoid yeast, vinegar, sugar, mushrooms and fermented foods, and for now I have decided to stop buying chocolate.  I was getting a bar nearly every week and having a couple of squares after dinner each day – I grew up having dessert every night after dinner, and it seems to be hard to reprogramme myself out of the expectation of something sweet at the end of a meal.

I am glad that, apart from my splurge of mince pies over Yule, I have not indulged in my usual “baked goods frenzy” that usually starts as soon as autumn hits.  This means that I have not put on the weight that I usually gain every winter (and then kick myself every spring  because I then feel the need to try and lose it again).  So staying away from yeasted bread, cakes and cookies really does the trick.  (Duh!)

My knitting is unexciting at the moment, so no photos to show.  I have finished the leg of the Grand Canyon sock in elann esprit and will start the heel flap next (probably not tonight, it’s getting a little late).

I have played around with my Bond, making an unusual scarf out of some leftover Lion Suede.  Anyone who’s knitted with this before will know it’s not the easiest stuff to hand knit.  Inspired by a pattern in a library book, I machine-knitted three narrow strips and braided them.  Joined them at each end and ended up with a somewhat short scarf.  It was shorter than I’d planned as I ran out of yarn!  However, it matches  a bag that Lego Nut made for himself some time ago so I gave it to him.  He seemed happy.  🙂

I also made two dishcloths in about 10 minutes with some craft cotton.  This is a good use for the machine – when you want something utilitarian in a hurry, it can do stocking stitch (stockinette) REALLY  well.

Knit on!

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  1. Glad to hear that you and Ninja boy survived your first Taekwondo class of the year. Good for you both!

    What?!?! You’re giving up chocolate? I don’t think that I can be friends with you anymore!

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