A day at home


What a wonderful day!  No commitments to leave the house……few commitments within the house, for that matter.

I set out some math this morning for Ninja Boy and Lego Nut to do.  They’re nearing the end of the Grade 7 workbook so we’re into some interesting geometry at the moment.  However, they showed little interest in it today, preferring to lounge around in Lego Nut’s bedroom, reading.  Ninja Boy loves to read aloud to his brother, and his brother loves to listen.  I think they spent about 7 hours doing that today.  They never did get properly dressed.  The first time they ate was 3 o’clock this afternoon – they made themselves a smoothie each and carried on reading.  The math was finally tackled, without any pressure from me, late afternoon/evening.  Now they’re playing Lego Indiana Jones on the Playstation 2.

[The books they are into are mostly fantasy, written by Emily Rodda, Julia Golding and Darren Shan.  The latter’s books are quite gruesome in places, probably written for teens, but that doesn’t stop my kids from enjoying them….au contraire, that’s probably why they appeal so much! :P]

This left me with plenty of free time.  I set up the slow cooker at 11am for the Butternut Squash Dhal that Tai Chi Man and I were having for dinner, and I made the lasagna for the boys at about 2pm.  I felt SO organised!

This afternoon, I enjoyed spending time underneath two (knitted) blankets on the sofa in the living room, knitting on my sock.  When I’d had enough of that, I picked up the Outlander Companion (which I have from the library).  I am waiting impatiently for Diana Gabaldon’s next book in the Outlander series – it’s called Echo in the Bone – it’s coming out this year, but I’m not sure exactly when.  In the meantime, I think I should re-read A Breath of Snow and Ashes so I can seamlessly continue with Echo.

I’m planning a trip to Michaels on Saturday.  Tai Chi Man thought it would be nice to have another blanket for the living room, so I am jumping at the chance to knit something new and will get some more Vanna’s Choice from Lion Brand to make another blanket on my knitting machine.  That way it’ll be done before the spring comes!

I also have in mind a design for a sleeveless hooded top, made on the machine with the 800g of cheap red acrylic I bought recently.  I knitted a swatch today and even washed and dried it – I’m glad I did, as the row gauge changed quite considerably.  I’ll probably start on that tomorrow.

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