Lots and lots of Lego (and some knitting)


This is what happens when the boys get some money – the first thing they think of is LEGO.  They ordered all these Bionicle sets from Lego.com and, much to their excitement, they arrived today.

It wasn’t long before the models were all built and lined up on display…



This morning, I left the house early.  I went to Michaels and found the yarn I was after.  This is Vanna’s Choice acrylic from Lion Brand.  I initially pulled lots of shades of brown off the shelf and then decided I was being too predictable and went for the cool shades instead.  So I have linen, silver blue, silver grey, dusty pink, dusty blue, navy blue and charcoal.  Not sure exactly how I’m going to knit these up into a blanket yet, but it’ll probably just be three striped sections, whizzed through on my machine, and crocheted together.

vanna's choice

vanna’s choice

After Michaels, I went to my friend’s place and we had a “computer tutor” session.  She has an older iMac, one of those cute colourful ones that Apple came out with a few years ago.   It’s running OS9 and Internet Explorer 5.  We managed to get her set up with a WordPress account and blog, but when it came to the time to log in and choose a template, etc, it wouldn’t work.  I’m not sure that her computer can handle being upgraded to OS10, but ideally she needs Mozilla Firefox to get posting on her blog.  Very frustrating!

And this is what I did last night.  It didn’t take long on the machine.  The back of the proposed sleeveless hooded top.  The yarn is rather stiff at the moment, but I’m hoping that when it gets tossed around in the washer and dryer it’ll soften up a bit (and shorten the same way as the swatch did).

red sweater back

red sweater back

This afternoon I knitted most of the front – right up to the front neck in fact.  Only a few shaped rows to do for the sides of the neck.  I made a cable up the centre front.  The carriage was making an odd noise when I slid it from right to left, but not the other way.  I don’t know why.  I waxed the keyplate and the machine to help the carriage slide better – that seemed to help.

Unfortunately, time was getting on and I had to go upstairs to make dinner, otherwise I’d have had the front completely done by now.  Tai Chi Man is lighting a fire so I’m not going to go back in my sewing room tonight – I brought down my recipe books and I’m going to plan the meals for the week and make a shopping list here in the warm!

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  1. Happy New Year Nicola to you and your family. Remember the Lego we had as kids, just red and white rectangular blocks. My brother and I played with ours over and over again, and we did share it without squabbling! The modern kits are really great, I cannot believe the speed yours have been made up. x

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