Or something like that anyway!  Tai Chi Man and I took the two kids to a surprise 50th birthday party last night.  It was fun BUT I drank three glasses of wine and, boy, do I regret it this morning.   >_<   I am SO out of practice.  The birthday boy (!) is a dirtbiker – I had the idea, and MacAddict did the Photoshop work, to make him a T-shirt with a photo of a dirtbike on it with the words, “Dirtbikers do it on two wheels”.  He seemed to like it.  (Michaels sells the T-shirts and transfer paper.)

We slithered to and from the party on our studded tires, which thankfully was only a five minute drive away, as it was snowing hard last night (the wet stuff rather than dry powdery stuff).

Here’s an interesting observation – I spell tires the American way (tyres looks really odd to me now), but I resist using most other American spellings.  Funny!

Yesterday afternoon was spent enjoyably at a local coffee shop, meeting with some fellow Ravelers.  I finished the first of my Grand Canyon socks (pictured here with one of my new blue ones)….

new socks

new socks

…just at the right time to head home and get ready for the aforementioned party.

Not much to do today – just a quick trip to the health food store (we get a 5% family discount on Sundays) – so hopefully I’ll get around to finishing the front of my machine-knitted red sweater and cast on for the second sock.  (One day, I’ll get adventurous and buy just one ball of elann esprit in each colour and knit one sock in each and wear odd socks – just because I can!)

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  1. I have my computer set up to American spelling, because I prefer it to the Canadian set up, but it takes some getting used to ignoring the red underlines all over the place.

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