A quick update – mostly about Taekwondo


Not a lot to report, hence the lack of blogging.  Taekwondo was mostly pattern practice on Monday and Wednesday.  At our level, Ninja Boy and I have to remember a fair number of patterns.  Apart from the basic four direction punch and four direction block, we have to know Chon-Ji, Dan Gun, Do San, Won Yo, Yul Gok, Chun Gun, Toi Gye, Chung Moo (that’s one for each coloured belt/stripe level) and Gae Baek, Po Eun and Kwang Gae for this black belt level.  That’s 11 patterns to keep straight.

Add to that all the other material we have to remember and it gets to be quite a challenge for the brain as well as the body.

Here is a site which I just found that has a demo of some of the black belt patterns, if you’re interested.  Under the picture of the three black belts, there are links to videos demonstrating some of the patterns I mentioned.

I messed up Gae Baek tonight.  We black belts (about 5 of us) were lined up with the red belts watching, and it makes me nervous when there’s an audience (even though I have been in tournaments before with way more people watching)!  I had to restart, which meant of course I was out of sync with the rest, and finished after them.  Oh well, I did it better the second time.

We also spent some time sparring.  Our instructor has come up with a new idea – he’s set up groups for the teen/adult students, green belt and up, and we will be having a monthly sparring “tournament” within our groups. My group includes six or so women varying in age from 18 to 40-something, green belt to black belt. We will spar for three 2-minute rounds, which is way more than we would have to do in a tournament, so it’ll be good for our stamina.  Sparring is not my strong point – I need to be a lot faster – but I don’t mind it as long as I don’t get hit too hard!

I was in a tournament once where a woman brought her leg up to do an axe kick (a straight-leg downward kick aiming for the shoulder) but because I didn’t read her move, I moved towards her and ended up getting kicked in the chin as her leg came up.  My head snapped back and it brought tears to my eyes.  I continued on, but was very upset afterwards.

I have since fought again with no further injuries, thankfully, but I’d rather do patterns 🙂

The Western Canadian Championships are coming up in Calgary, I think, in March.  I don’t know if we’ll go – it depends on how much it all costs.  Before we went to Prince George, everyone in the club did a kickathon (2000 kicks) to raise money and ended up getting the bus and hotel costs completely covered.  If that happens again, then I’ll be more likely to consider going.

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