Knit, knit, knit, knit, knit…..



This yarn is made by Marks and Kattens and it’s called Carolina.  I discovered it today at my local yarn store.  It’s 100% acrylic, very soft, a sort of heathered black and a DK weight (they recommend a 4mm needle).  It’s perfect as it’s the same weight as the Marble yarn that I used to make my Easy Fingerless Mitts so I can use the same pattern without modifications.  I am making these for a friend but can’t say who as she might be reading this blog!

I was out this morning acting as computer tutor for my skiing buddy, after which we had a delicious bowl of Chipotle Vegetable Bean soup at the health food store deli.  On the way home, I visited the yarn shop, and as soon as I arrived home I started knitting!  I’ve knitted the cuff and part of the hand, almost as far as the thumb opening.

I love that this yarn isn’t a solid black.  At first, I picked up some black and white balls of yarn, thinking to knit in some fair isle, but when I saw the Carolina I went for that instead.

Fibonacci blanket squares

Fibonacci blanket squares

This is the progress on my machine-knitted blanket.  That’s the Bond in the foreground.  A sort of manual machine, if you know what I mean.  Not electric.  It’s a bed of 100 needles across which you push a carriage that guides the yarn through the needles.  Pretty basic, but it works.

I have my fingers crossed that these squares are truly square, because I used the gauge from the blanket I made before (which should be a good idea as it has been washed).  If they aren’t square, then I’m going to have an interesting time sewing them together – the plan is to have two of them horizontal and two of them rotated a quarter turn so the stripes are vertical.  We shall see…

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