Plain knitting and spicy soup

finished mitt

finished mitt

Mitt #1 is finished.  I was up late last night – after this mitt was off the needles, I got stuck into reading Kate Jacobs‘ sequel to The Friday Night Knitting Club, Knit Two.  I made sure the kids’ lights were off around 12.30am and then hid under a couple of knitted blankets to read (as I had turned the heat down).

Love the yarn and wish I’d had time to get the second mitt done today, but I’ve been on the go the whole time.

The book was OK.  Wouldn’t necessarily recommend it as the best knitting novel ever.  But you know us knitters….if there’s knitting mentioned ANYWHERE in the book, we want to read it….hey, I rented out the DVD of The Shipping News for a single one-minute knitting scene!

I made up a recipe for soup today that I thought I’d call Burn Your Tongue Off Four Pepper Soup.  (I’ve been waiting for a chance to use that strikethrough feature – I didn’t have it on Blogger :))

I put some coconut oil in my pressure cooker pan and started warming it while I chopped a very large onion.  Tossed that in, then started on the other vegetables and tossed them in as I was finished chopping each one.  I added 4 cloves of garlic, a green bell pepper, three carrots, a small butternut squash, a fresh jalapeno, two small dried chipotle peppers*.

After that, I added a 28oz can of tomatoes plus a can-full of water, a teaspoon of Himalayan salt (I keep wanting to say Himalayan seasalt, but of course that would be impossible!), a cup of red split lentils and some ground black pepper.

Blasted it for 20 minutes under pressure, but I expect 60 minutes of regular cooking would be about equivalent.

It was hot but not TOO hot!  Great for a winter supper.  I think I would like to try making it again but with sweet potato instead of the squash and beans instead of the lentils.  Just to see what it’s like.

* I  discovered recently that these yummy smoky peppers are smoked jalapenos and they add a lovely flavour to soups and stews. And I was pronouncing the word wrong – it’s chip-ote-lay – oops, I was saying chip-ottle.

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