Finished Fibonacci


Just a quick post before I go upstairs and make some bannock for breakfast.  (It’s Imbolc today or yesterday or tomorrow depending on who you ask.)  The feast of Brigid, my favourite goddess.  Bannock and soymilk for breakfast, saving some for putting out for the goddess herself.  (It’s probably supposed to be sheep’s milk, but being vegan we don’t have that lying around!)

finished blanketThe Fibonacci blanket was finished on Saturday evening.  Three rounds of crochet around the edges, though it’s a little wavy and curly still.  Never mind, it’s warm.

Point Protectors

Point Protectors

Do you see the nifty invention on my double pointed needles?  I was telling Tai Chi Man about the point protectors that were being sold at my LYS and I described them to him.  He just happened to have these plastic bits in his toolbox (from blind pulls) and he drilled a hole in the side of each one.  All that was needed after that was a couple of rubber bands and I now have a great (free) way of keeping my knitting on the needles while it’s in my knitting bag.

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