First January Mitten Finished

January mitten

January mitten

I am calling these my January mittens because I started the project in January and because they are designed for the coldest weather.  I am hoping to get the second one finished soon so I can appreciate their warmth before Spring arrives.

The Marble yarn is a combination of teal and pink…..not a lot of pink, just enough to make it interesting, but unfortunately none appeared while I was knitting the hand!  So I cheated….and snipped out some of the teal to get to a pink section for the thumb.

I had some interesting times figuring out how the colour pattern was going to fit in with the thumb hole and the decreasing at the end.  It’s not perfect but it fits well (one of the benefits to designing something yourself).

I should probably cast on for the second one tonight and get over the feeling of Second Sock Syndrome (or in this case second mitten syndrome) – that sinking feeling one gets when one realises that finishing the first one means that you have to do the whole thing over again!  Of course, the second one should knit up twice as fast, as the planning and thinking and agonising is already over and done with.

PS:  Thank you for your recent comments, all of you.  Even if I don’t respond to each of you personally, I appreciate knowing that there are people reading and enjoying my musings.

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  1. I am laughing here, I was going to say, “They look so toasty warm” and Teresa already said that! So.. I’ll just say great job instead, they DO look nice and cozy though!

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