Klutz day


I can’t blame the full moon because that happened on Monday.  However we seem to have had a weird day …… apart from the fact that my head is full of mucus and it feels like it’s going to explode.

Tai Chi Man had something heavy land on one of his fingers at work today – ouch!  MacAddict knocked a plate off his desk and broke it.  Ninja Boy tripped UP the stairs carrying two compost buckets, which he had emptied but they were still bitty and mucky from the food scraps (which ended up on the carpet).  Lego Nut, earlier in the day, tripped on one of said compost buckets (Murphy’s Law says it’s the fuller one, of course) and had to pick up icky bits of vegetables.  And just as we were sitting down for dinner, I knocked over my glass of water and it went all over Lego Nut’s pillow and quilt, which were once again draped over the dining room chairs.


To more positive matters…

Last night I made some shortbread as per the recipe on Affectioknit‘s blog.  I used the original Earth Balance, some organic sugar that I ground into a powder with my coffee grinder (which was not bought for coffee!) and whole spelt flour.  It was good!

Tai Chi Man’s slippers (which I made about a year ago out of cheap and nasty acrylic) had holes in them, so I darned them and started knitting a new pair for him out in navy blue.  Not exciting enough to show you a photo at this stage.

I am also making what Elizabeth Zimmermann would call a “swatch cap”.  I cast on 80 stitches with my leftover Vanna’s Choice (Lion Brand) and am knitting a hat with some fair isle in it to use up some of the bits and pieces left from the blankets I machine-knitted.

I have a tentative plan in my head to make a seamless yoke sweater with this yarn so I wanted to find out what it felt like to knit with and what sort of gauge I was getting.  The yarn label says 4 stitches to the inch with US #9 needles but I’m using size tens and my gauge is more like 4.5.

And finally, I mentioned the other day that I had made two joey kangaroos a long time ago.  Here they are (with little collars so the boys can tell whose is whose).  I made them from this book from my local library.

two joeys

two joeys

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