Spontaneous skiing


That word doesn’t look right….I typed “spontaneous” for the title and it just looks weird.  However I’m pretty sure it’s correct 🙂

I had an early call from my skiing partner today – she was back from Vancouver and wanted to get out for one last cross-country ski session before packing her skis away for the season.  As it happens, my calendar was free, and I just had to eat breakfast and get my duds on, ready for her to pick me up.

The snow was perfect – not too icy, not too soft – it was around minus 5 Celsius, mostly cloudy though the sun did try to come out once or twice.  We made sure to pause often and just soak up the stillness and the beauty.  I chose the trails this time – I went for the ones marked “easy” on the map!  We did two short loops and then a third which was longer and a little more challenging.  I was better at getting up the hills today and more relaxed about the downhill bits – except where I approached a bend and the groomed tracks suddenly stopped and I ended up in a snowbank, arms extended, up to my shoulders in snow.  The next time I found myself in the same situation (the tracks disappearing, not face down in a snowbank) I executed a lovely snowplough and managed to control myself way better.

We were skiing for two hours and as usual it felt wonderful to get the ski boots off and relax in the chalet near the woodstove, devouring our packed lunches and drinking hot tea.

It’s a crazy week for Taekwon-do.  Monday night was a fundraiser for the upcoming tournament.  Whenever there’s an out-of-town tournament, we have a kickathon to help with travel and accommodation costs for the students who are going.  The smaller kids do 1000 kicks, the teens and adults do 2000.  We did our 2000 kicks in an hour, with a quick water break after every 500.

Tonight was our regular red/black belt class and we had fun practising self-defence against knife attacks (using special flexible plastic knives, of course).

And tomorrow night is the monthly in-house tournament.  We have to get there at 5pm, as red and black belts won’t just be sparring, we’ll be judging too.  I was freezing last time, sitting in one corner of the sparring “ring”, so I will be wearing a sweater over my dobok this time.

I hope I do okay in the sparring.  I’m up against a 2nd Dan black belt and she’s taller than me, which means she has a longer reach, but I’ll do my best.  Ninja Boy is pitted against a boy of about the same age and size, but a lower belt, and I think he has a good chance of winning.

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