It feels so good…


…to get home from a long evening out, part of which was spent trying to punch and kick someone, and getting punched and kicked even though I was trying not to, get a snack and a hot drink and pjs and just relax!

It was the in-house tournament at Taekwon-do this evening.  We had to be there at 5pm – not only were Ninja Boy and I sparring but we also had to be available to judge.  The hoodie I planned to wear wasn’t clean enough so I ended up freezing my arse off while waiting for my turn to spar.

So we ate dinner at 4, arrived at 5, did our thing, and were done by 8.  Bonus – I got to see my instructor’s cute little less-than-4-week-old baby – awwwww!

Neither Ninja Boy nor I won our matches, unfortunately.  Oh well, live and learn.

It’s so nice to think that tomorrow night I can get into my pjs straight after dinner as I don’t have to go out anywhere.  Busy weeks like this make me appreciate the usual slow pace of my life.  (My knitted bag is proceeding very slowly, but I am reminding myself that the enjoyment is in the knitting process, I love the yarn I am using, and I still haven’t decided how to finish off the top of the bag and how to do the handles so there really is no need to rush it.)

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