Relaxing knitting

bag progress

bag progress

Did you wonder where I’ve been?  Five days of silence – not like me at all – but I haven’t been struck with writing inspiration.  Anyway, now I can show you the knitted bag I’ve been working on.  This has been such pleasurable knitting.  I love the colours and feel of the yarn, the stitch pattern, the calming feel of the knitting process.

I have been considering various ways to finish the top of the bag, the handles, etc.  Thanks to my knitting mill, with which I was able to churn out 120 inches of i-cord in just 15 minutes, I will be attaching i-cord around the front and back edges of the bag and the i-cord will extend upward from the bag to form handles.

lots of i-cord and a knitted flower

lots of i-cord and a knitted flower

This knitted flower, which may or may not end up on the bag, was fun, quick and easy to make.   Click on that link to go to the pattern.  I found that in places I didn’t have the same amount of stitches on my needles as the pattern said I should, but heck, it doesn’t matter on something like this.

The Game of the Week in the NicolaKnits household is Carcassonne.  The boys played it at a friend’s house and I was asked to buy it.  We used part of our homeschool funding to get the basic game, but after only a few days of playing it, Lego Nut wants me to get some of the expansion sets.



This is the latest game-in-progress.  I’m enjoying it as much as Ninja Boy and Lego Nut!

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