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Something I’ve been interested in for a while is knitted graffiti.  I just signed up for the feed from this blog which looks like fun.  People will make knitted covers for anything.  It appeals to me to use up my leftovers to make humorous sweaters for lampposts and roadsigns and … you get the idea 🙂

I took the two younger boys to one of our regional parks this afternoon.  It was a beautiful sunny day, quite mild (probably about 8 Celsius).  They had sticks with them that they brought from home (because, you know, not just any stick will do, and these were really good “gun sticks”).

A fair amount of snow has melted, but some of the paths were icy where the snow had been compressed and the sun hadn’t reached it.  We took time to stop by the creek and admire the sound that the water was making.  We followed a path new to us and had to take a few diversions to avoid the slipperiest parts.  At one stage, I slipped and fell on my hip and elbow and we decided to go up a different way – and ended up in someone’s orchard!

Back down we went – in the end we had to retrace our steps to get back to the easy flat straight path by the main creek that would take us back to the parking lot.  Before we reached the car, though, we stopped at the salmon spawning creek.  We couldn’t see much water – just a little bit through the small holes in the ice.  The ice made fascinating shapes and we just hung around listening and looking ……… simple pleasures.

I intended to take my camera and forgot, which was a shame as I think I would have come home with some good shots.

As we had made the effort to cross the lake for the walk, we also did two other errands.  I went to Fabricland and bought some fabric to line my knitted bag, two snaps and two buttons.  When the bag is all assembled, I’ll take some more photos.  It should be finished in the next couple of days.  We also went to the temple of conspicuous consumption mall and found some expansion sets for Carcassonne.  Lego Nut decided on the Traders and Builders expansion.  I haven’t played it with him yet as I was at Taekwon-do this evening, but I’m looking forward to trying it out.

Talking of Taekwon-do, which I wasn’t going to, but now that I’ve mentioned it…. class tonight was great fun.  Our instructor seemed to be in a lighthearted mood.  We warmed up with games – foot tag, trying to grab the white belts tucked into others’ belts and make them do pushups, chickenfight (everyone holds their right foot/lower leg with two hands and hops around trying to push others off the training floor), and a form of dodgeball played with a sparring helmet.

Then we practised our testing patterns – the ones that we have to learn at our level.  So the three black belts did Gae Baek, Po Eun and Kwang Gae (Gae Baek is the best one for tournaments so we really have to perfect that one for the upcoming tournament), the black stripe practised Choong Moo, and the red belts did Hwa Rang.  We did them step by step and ironed out a few wrinkles and had our questions answered.

Now for frequent repetition over the next few weeks…..

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