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It’s funny – sometimes the title of a post is easy, other times it’s hard to think of one.  Yesterday’s post, “My Day”, was a bit obvious, and I could probably use that one over and over!  However I try not to repeat my titles if I can avoid it.

My day started well.  I had a hair appointment at 10.15 – when I went out the kids were all still in bed, so I left them a note where they couldn’t fail to see it (I had told them the night before about the appointment, but always leave a note in case they forget).  My hairdresser paid me a lovely compliment on my Marble Wrap Vest (said I could pay her by giving it to her) 🙂  When I arrived home, the house was still quiet, but Lego Nut emerged from his cave shortly afterwards.

Do you like my cookie jar?  My mum gave it to me many years ago.  In our house, cookies don’t usually last long enough to be put in a jar, but this hippopotamus jar is well-loved all the same.  Today I made some flax crackers (that’s what’s in the jar) from How it all Vegan (Barnard/Kramer).  They were the best yet.  I made them thinner than usual and remembered to flip them half way through the baking, and they are crispy and yummy.  I also made tomato soup but was disappointed to find that it had burned on the bottom (pressure cookers, gah!).  I have poured off the soup into a clean pan, leaving the last inch behind, and I think it’s going to be OK.  I will add some soba noodles and maybe some vegan Worcestershire sauce and keep my fingers crossed that nobody notices the natural barbecue flavour.

img_2201I am going for thumbnail photos today – you can click on them to make them bigger.  This is the inside of the door of my spice cupboard.  We invested in about 40 spice jars from Lee Valley and it looks very neat and tidy.  There are about 16 more jars in the cupboard itself too.  My mother-in-law would approve!


Now to Books of the Week in our house.  Our vote for the most controversial goes to The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy (and how to end it).  I have read some of his books before and they certainly challenge my view of the world.  A lot of what he writes about, I can believe wholeheartedly.  Some of it is far out enough to wonder….but even if you believe only half of what he writes, it opens your eyes to what’s really happening around us.  He has plenty to say about US Presidents, British Prime Ministers, Princess Diana’s death, 9/11 – it’s all there.


A book that I started reading myself, but ended up reading aloud to the boys, is The Te of Piglet by Benjamin Hoff.  It’s easily understood, entertaining and informative on the subject of Taoism, using conversations and snippets from A A Milne’s Pooh books to illustrate the author’s points, but he doesn’t mince his words in his criticism of the United States’ way of doing things (which obviously is more “Confucianist” than “Taoist”.  I have ordered The Tao of Pooh from the library, its prequel.

img_2205And finally, knitting book of the week is this one – Melissa Leapman’s Knitting Beyond Scarves (easy lessons that let you knit what you never thought you could).  This book is great for newish knitters, but I think that there’s plenty in there that I would make too.  It takes you through various basic techniques, from knitting an easy garter stitch hat to learning how to join in new balls of yarn in a long shawl, making a striped top and a big jacket and various other projects, learning increasing, decreasing and so on.  Worth a look if your local library has it.

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  1. Have I ever told you that our spice jars are old Marmite jars? They make awesome jars (but you either have to love Marmite or know someone who does). They also survive falling onto tile floors.

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