New sleeves


img_2224Lego Nut helped me out this afternoon by taking this photo.  Do you see the “sleeves” on my arms?  They are made from the same fabric that I used to line my knitted bag recently.  When I went to Fabricland, I bought a metre of it so I’d have enough for both projects.

For some time now, I’ve found it annoying to keep pushing up my sweater sleeves when I’m rolling out tortillas or kneading dough.  Often I’ll get flour all over my cuffs.

Well, no more!  I made these sleeves with a simple shape (narrower at the wrist, wider at the top, long enough to go over my elbows) and a bit of elastic top and bottom and they fit over my sweater.  Now my arms stay warm, my sweater stays clean, and I’ve found they’re also useful when I’m washing the dishes.  Woot!

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