The joy of giving

finished baktus

finished baktus

Here’s the Baktus scarf, which has now been washed and is awaiting its new owner.  I met up with some friends at the weekend (some seniors who we’ve known for years but don’t get to see very often).  They saw me knitting this scarf.  I had just been saying to Tai Chi Man that I didn’t know who I was going to give this to when it was finished (I love the yarn but I tend not to wear blue, unless its denim jeans).  So while I was talking to this couple, I had the idea that I’d give the scarf to the wife when it was done.

It just has to finish drying and I will drop it around (they live only 10 minutes drive away).

spring bag

spring bag

I made this bag today.  Do you recognise the fabric?  It’s the same one I used to line my knitted bag recently.  I had just enough left to make a good size bag (about 12 by 15 inches).  I had a purpose here – the bag was designed to hold a couple of books, a card, a lemon and a head of garlic.  Seems like a strange combination, I know, but I have a friend with a cold, and I wanted to take her a “feel better” kit.  I also made some mulligatawny soup and took that too.

It feels so good to give away things that I have made.  People are always so appreciative.

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