Yarn salad

yarn salad

yarn salad

Lately, I have been buying some of the boxes of mixed organic salad greens, and I like to use the containers for holding bread.  However, the stack of containers was getting high, so it’s back to buying plain old lettuce for a while.

Here’s a perfect way to use those containers and store yarn….this is almost all my yarn, and most of it is leftovers from old projects.  I think there’s only 6 full skeins in there – the rest is just bits and pieces.

In one way, the leftovers are annoying and I’d just like to clear them out.  I’m a “buy it as I need it” sort of knitter, not a stasher.  But I do have plans for some yarn graffiti, and sometimes I find myself without a project in progress and I can make something small from what I have.  And I don’t want to give away my tiny sock yarn balls, as they are useful for darning later on.

In the meantime, I can see what I have at a glance, rather than rummaging through tangled bags.

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