Pinup queen


No, that name doesn’t apply to me – it’s the name of the pattern in my Stitch ‘n Bitch book that I’d like to make.

This is the yarn I bought from elann.  It’s a bamboo, cotton and acrylic blend and the colour is Polished Copper.


I’m afraid my photo isn’t very sharp, but you get the idea!  The yarn’s a little bit splitty so I’ll have to watch it while I’m knitting.  I like the colour.  However, my swatch, which is on US#7 needles, is quite skinny.  The gauge for the sweater is supposed to be 20 stitches over 4 inches in Knit 2, Purl 2 rib.  I’m not sure whether I should measure it like this – all scrunched up – or stretched out a little bit.  I have gone to The Oracle and posted this question on Ravelry, so am hoping for a helpful answer soon.  (With over 300,000 people on Ravelry, it’s very easy to get a quick answer to any knitting or crochet question.)

pinup queen
pinup queen

This is the sweater.  I love the shaping – I think the ribbing will give it a good fit, and the short row shaping in the bodice is flattering.  Hopefully I won’t go mad with all that Knit 2 Purl 2 ribbing!  That’s assuming I can get gauge with this yarn of course.

mr dangly going bananas

I bought Mr Dangly some eyes today.  He now has a proper face.  There is a downside to this, however.  Now that he can see, he knows where the bananas are and won’t leave them alone!  I found him in the fruit bowl earlier and took this photo as proof of his monkey nature.  He’d better not eat those because we need them for our smoothies 🙂

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